What bad habits will ruin your wooden door? Refused to be simple and rude

Just staying in the new home, everywhere is brand new, just started to use it is also cautious, for fear of shaving and flowering, time is long, no sense of freshness, close the door, even kicking, not paying attention to some small details, simple and direct and rude Look at the bad habits below. Are you too "rude" on your wooden door?

Do not use wet hands to open and close the door. Generally speaking, if the unintentional damage is used, the service life of the wooden door is more than ten years. When the door is closed with wet hands, the water stain will splash on the door leaf. The door leaf and the lock are coated with a paint coating and have certain waterproof function. Especially the bathroom door, the water consumption is relatively large, if the bath will also produce a lot of water vapor, the surface should be wiped in time, although the door has been treated with moisture, but after all, it is wood products, long-term in a humid environment is also Will receive a certain impact.

Avoid kicking the door with your foot and close the door with force. Most of the households today use solid wood composite doors. The price of solid wood doors is slightly more expensive. The solid wood composite doors are made of pine or poplar keel frame. The middle is filled with excellent stability of the bridge hole. The surface is made of high density board. Flat, veneer or direct paint. Wood products have a certain ability to fight, but if you do not pay attention to the small details of small movements in life, it may not give a wooden door for a long time. Strikes the door for a long time, and the door locks and hinges as well as the overall door leaf will have a certain degree of damage.

Avoid sun exposure. Generally speaking, the bedroom door will not be exposed to direct sunlight. Only the special circumstances are explained here. Wood has the physical properties of heat and shrink, and exposure can cause cracking and deformation.

Avoid hanging heavy objects on the door. The hardware on the door has its own load-bearing range. The door is attached with heavy objects. The hinge not only bears the weight of the door leaf, but also bears the weight of the heavy object. The excessive weight can easily cause the door leaf to deform.

Finally, Xiao Bian reminds you that whether it is a wooden door or furniture, the correct use and proper maintenance can last.

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