Which kind of floor is good how to choose high quality wooden floor

Nowadays, most of the family's floor decorations will be given priority to wooden panels. Its advantages are many, and surely everyone has a certain understanding. However, there are a large variety of wooden floors on the market. What kind of flooring is the most important issue for people? Commonly used wood floors include solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring, and laminate flooring. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Which kind of floor is better?

1, solid wood flooring

As its name suggests, it is made of raw wood, so the biggest selling point is natural and environmentally friendly, and it is non-toxic and tasteless. Even if it is barefoot and very comfortable, it has the effect of being warm in winter and cool in summer, but the hardness of solid wood flooring is higher and it is processed. More resources are wasted during production.

2, solid wood composite floor

This type of floor is different in the production of raw materials and processes, from the veneer or the plate of the log to stack the blanks according to the horizontal and vertical cross, and then use the environmental protection glue to paste, and press the plate into a plate at a high temperature, so that the wood The anisotropy is controlled, so the product has better stability and can be used as a geothermal floor, which is most suitable for use in the northeast region of China, and also has the advantages of beautiful texture, easy laying and good maintenance of the solid wood floor.

3, strengthen the wooden floor

The last type is made of pressed MDF and particle board, and consists of a total of four layers, so that it has excellent wear resistance. Because of its unique advantages, people often use it for floor decoration in family homes and public places. in.

How to choose high quality wooden floor

1, see the texture

In general, the quality of the floor, the surface of the line is relatively clear, looks beautiful and generous, if the lines are all across the street, then not only affect the appearance, and people are not comfortable watching, it may be made of poor quality wood .

2, see the color

In general, the quality of a good floor is very natural and the depth is just right. If it is too heavy, it may be that the merchant has applied a layer of paint. It is better not to choose this wooden floor.

3, see the crack

Fine and small cracks on the wood are normal, but only a small amount, generally located in the natural texture, such cracks will not continue to extend later, but if the crack is very long, then the use of time is prone to hidden dangers, so It is best not to choose this kind of floor.

4, see the section

The quality can be observed through the cross section. If the wood fiber is dense and tight, then the floor is certainly strong and durable, and it is not easy to expand and deform due to moisture. On the contrary, the wooden fiber is thick and the wood flooring with loose quality is poor.

Summary: The above is Xiao Bian today as we bring the floor which is better related presentations, I believe that friends also have a certain understanding, a good knowledge about the purchase of the floor which we can refer to, I hope this article to you Helpful yo.

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