Brief analysis of the characteristics of pretreated pigments and market application in the future market prospects

First, the characteristics of pretreatment pigments

The pretreated pigment is a high-concentration new colorant that has been subjected to a series of treatments with organic pigments to provide excellent coloring functions. It is made up of high-concentration toner (50%-60%) with polyethylene as carrier, compounded with a small amount of high-molecular polyethylene wax, and dispersed at low temperature. Pigment particles are completely coated with plastic resin, avoiding excessive shearing. The destruction of the pigment structure also prevents the pigment from re-agglomerating.

Pretreatment pigments are the most widely used in masterbatches, and their application to toners in masterbatches can be compared from the following:

1. The pretreatment pigment has been completely dispersed, adopting a special treatment process to obtain the best coloring effect, and maintain the consistency of the hue, adapt to different production equipment, facilitate color matching, and improve the repeatability of the formula.

2, pretreatment pigments are generally fine particles, not easy to fly, weighing is easy and accurate, mixing is simple, does not pollute the production environment, reduce cleaning costs, green production, and greatly enhance the corporate image.

3. The high-molecular polyethylene wax used in the pretreatment pigment has very little content, and does not affect the final printing performance and heat-sealing performance of the product, and has a wide adaptability range.

4. The pretreatment pigment is a single pigment preparation, which is bright and pure in color, does not contain any heavy metals, and has no hygienic regulations while satisfying the purpose of coloring.

5. The pretreatment pigment system is rich. At present, all the pigments can be made into pretreatment pigments, which makes the color matching flexible and can meet the customer's needs to the greatest extent.

6. Pretreatment pigments are economical and practical, with very good price-performance ratio. The cost advantage runs through every link of the user, high production efficiency and environmental protection, which greatly improves the stability of the product and establishes a positive corporate image.

In summary, it has many advantages over the conventional colorants for thermoplastic resins - toners and masterbatches. The comparison of pretreated pigments, masterbatches and toners is shown in the following table:

Second, the application and market prospects of pretreatment pigments

Currently, BaSF and CIBa have such products for sale. According to the BaSF market survey, Eupolen pretreated pigments (single-pigment preparations for polyolefin masterbatch production) sold around 800 tons in 2003-2004. CIBa's micro-high-grade pretreatment pigments are widely used in powder coatings, polypropylene and so on.

According to BaSF data, the single-pigment preparation Eupolen has 15 mainstream color varieties (5 yellow, 4 red, 3 yellow, 2 green, 1 black), which is a kind of granular powder with a pigment content of 40. ~70% and completely dispersed, it is a low dust, easy to flow and homogeneous preparation, mainly used in the production of masterbatch (injection masterbatch, blown masterbatch, blown film masterbatch and spinning masterbatch) ). This product has formed a series of products, which have been tested to have excellent light resistance and temperature resistance.

However, the current prices of such products of BaSF and CIBa are relatively expensive, which greatly limits their application in the masterbatch industry and the granulation industry.

The main markets for pretreatment pigments are blown film, hollow blown bottles, injection molded sheets, masterbatch, of which the largest market is used in masterbatch production. Because the most important factor in the production of masterbatch industry is the pigment treatment process, and the current level of pigment processing technology in the domestic masterbatch industry is generally low, so there is a large demand for such products.

Third, "Golden Dragonfly" new product - characteristics and application of pretreatment pigment ED series products

Shanghai Jinhao Plastic Co., Ltd. is a masterbatch company specializing in the production and sale of PE and PP. The company's products are divided into five series of modified plastics, black masterbatch, white masterbatch, color masterbatch and functional masterbatch. The products are widely used in the fields of film, injection molding, coating, pipe, sheet, wire and electric rope. Since January 2002, our company has successfully developed a new product of pretreatment pigment ED series, and used it to replace the imported pretreatment pigments such as BaSF to produce a variety of masterbatch. After performance testing and actual production application, the product quality is close. The level of similar foreign products.

In addition to the company's production of masterbatch, the product can also be used in domestic and foreign customers for the coloring of plastics and masterbatches. Because of its variety, good performance and cheaper than imported products, it is expected that the new product will have a good market prospect.

The products are mainly exported to East Asia, South America, Western Europe, Australia and Taiwan markets. We are China's major exporters of Pyrite, "Hengkai Metallurgical " is the first brand of high grade pyrite export. Products are widely as increase sulfur agent used in smelting and casting, fillers of grinding wheel's abrasive, soil conditioner, as the adsorbent of heavy metals in wastewater, filler of core-spun yarn, lithium battery cathode materials, by the user praise and trust. 


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