What are the factors to consider when purchasing a safe?

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Because of its special function - furniture and anti-theft, the safe should pay special attention to the selection. To buy a safe, basically can be considered from the following aspects:
1) Selection of steel plate: The thickness, material, and origin of the steel plate are discriminated. These relate to the ability of the safe to withstand the damage caused by the use of special tools such as electric drills and cutting tools.
2) Forming and Welding: Check whether the cabinet body is formed once, check the gap between the cabinet door and the door frame, whether the switch is flexible, if the gap is too large, the anti-smashing function is weakened. For the fireproof safe, the excessive gap is absolutely not Allowed.
3) Traditional structure: This is the core part of the safe. Because it cannot be detected by the user in the box, it is the key to prevent the technical opening. At the time of purchase, the user can ask the merchant to open the back cover behind the door to see if the internal traditional structure is precise and the drive is flexible. In addition, it is also necessary to check the structure of the lock bolt, and the diameter of the bolt is bolder. The popular world bolt format has a good anti-opening effect.
4) Lock: If the traditional structure is a surface, then the lock is the most important point. Destroying the lock or imitating the key is equivalent to destroying the heart of the anti-theft mechanism. Complex locks prevent damage and key imitation.
5) Auxiliary spare parts: The handling of spare parts must ensure the reliability of their performance in order to deal with the ever-changing use environment.
6) Alarm function: It should be clarified whether there is an automatic alarm function and under what conditions it can be automatically alarmed (such as moving, hitting or three times error code). Of course, the richer the activation condition is, the better. Many safes do not have an automatic alarm function, or there are few automatic alarm activation conditions.
7) Anti-corrosion treatment: If this process is not handled properly, it will affect the appearance of the cabinet, and if it is serious, it will cause functional damage. Anti-theft safes should be painted and sprayed with anti-corrosion treatment. 8) Appearance: Cumbersome, monotonous is no longer the customer's understanding of the safe, people are treating it as a family ornament. First observe whether the appearance is smooth and whether the paint is even. Secondly, to observe whether the color and shape belong to their favorite types, and to choose the actual office environment.
9) Size: The size of the safe should be measured according to its actual needs. If you put it at the corner, you don't have to think too much about the size. If you want to put it in a hidden place, such as a cabinet, the size of this safe is up to 50 cm and the weight is within 30 pounds. It is worth noting that safes with a height of more than 50 cm are mostly provided with bottom wheels that can be moved around. There are many safe size specifications, generally the largest size up to 100cm or more, can also be customized, customization takes 15 days.
10) Battery: Specifically for electronic password safes. In addition to the built-in battery, electronic password safes generally have external battery backup boxes. Some brands of safes have power indicators on the panel, which can provide a lot of convenience in actual operation.
11) Weight: Some users prefer to choose an ultra-small safe. Although this type of safe has better concealment, but if it is not fixed, the safe will increase its mobility because the weight is too small and it can be easily moved by thieves. go. Of course, safes are not as heavy as possible. If floors are installed on the ground, over-height safes can easily crush the floor and should be carefully considered when choosing.
12) Fixed: Users who need to secure the safe should check whether the safe is equipped with fixing holes and fixing bolts. The fixing holes are generally at the bottom and back of the anti-theft safe. After purchase, they should be installed and fixed according to the requirements of the product manual. Verify its quality.
13) Manufacturers' influence and product brand: The brutal competition in the market makes the products prosperous and the inferior, and only high-quality products can ensure that the manufacturers are invincible and the brand value of the products can be improved. Users should try their best to choose brands with strong development and long-term reputation.
14) After-sales service: The safe is a special commodity. Once it has a problem, it must have a dedicated and professional after-sales service team to ensure that the user will not have any worries at any time.
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