303 washing water characteristics and effects

Core Tip: LW-303 [washing water] is a high-quality mold special cleaning agent. Any serious mold dirt is completely removed in an instant, easy to use, never damage the mold, and can extend the service life of the mold. First, the advantages: 1. The high-temperature mold is ...more

Notice on organizing the participation in the 2015 Euro…

Abstract Member units: European International Machine Tool Show (EMO) started in 1975 and is a professional machine tool exhibition sponsored by the European Machine Tool Industry Cooperation Committee (CECIMO). It is one of the world's four major machine tool exhibitions. The exhibition ...more

How to extend the service life of mahogany furniture

Although mahogany furniture is durable, it must be used reasonably and properly maintained to extend its service life. First, pay attention to stay away from heat sources when placing furniture, at least about 1 meter. The mahogany furniture is too close to the heat source, w ...more

Production process of ultra-thin wall cast steel underf…

   1. Introduction to castings Large ultra-thin wall cast steel chassis (see Figure 1 for structure) for 120t flat trains. Products with similar structures used to be welded structures. The main problem is that during the use, due to the long-term pressure of various workpieces, the u ...more

Floor grinding machine maintenance method

Floor grinding machine maintenance method Dongguan Liji floor grinding machine is a professional production and sales of grinding machine company, the company mainly produces R & D milling machine, grinding machine, smoothing machine, emery mixer, epoxy resin mixer, Knife, roller, and other floo ...more

On the importance of bathroom faucets in home decoratio…

1. Copper body: As far as the faucet is concerned, copper has already become the preferred material for the sake of the brilliance, mainly because the antibacterial effect of the copper medium has already been approved by the authoritative laboratory. Most of the high-end sanitary ware brands ...more

How can a flooring company survive the "pain perio…

Since China's economic operation is currently in a shift period of growth, the adjustment of the economic structure has undoubtedly become a source of corporate pain. Under this background, how to improve the innovation environment, release its innovative capabilities, and how to overc ...more