Plastic shoe racks introduce simple and practical plastic shoe racks

With the continuous improvement of the level of technology, people's demand for shoe racks is also increasing, making the plastic shoe racks on the market more unique and novel, the color matching is more fashionable, and the plastic shoe rack decoration effect has been greatly improved. However, due to the differences in the styles, types, specifications, and brands of plastic shoe racks, the price of plastic shoe racks also differs.

Plastic shoe rack introduction

1, the price

At present, plastic shoe racks are used in large quantities in life. It not only plays a role in storage, but also plays an important role in enhancing the visual effect of the entire space. This plastic shoe rack design is simple and stylish, the use of a fresh ivory white tone, exquisite carving production of refined interpretation of the space delicate interpretation of the exquisite, to a large extent highlights the owner noble, stylish lifestyle. The price of this plastic shoe rack is: 288 yuan.

2, size

Plastic shoe racks are used as a must-have item for home storage and are now being used in large quantities in life. Plastic shoe racks not only have functions but also have decorative effects. The common plastic shoe racks on the market today include: entry shoe racks, living room shoe racks, and entrance racks. The common plastic shoe racks are between 800-1200mm in height and 300-400mm in depth, and the width can be appropriately selected according to the space size and actual needs.

3, brand differences

With the advancement of technology, there are differences in the styles, types, and brands of plastic shoe racks on the market, which makes the price of plastic shoe racks very different. More common plastic shoe rack prices are generally between: 100-1800 yuan.

4, style matching

The style of the plastic shoe rack can be selected and matched according to the style of home decoration. Selecting according to the style can make the entire space more uniform and harmonious in visual effects. This plastic shoe rack style design is relatively simple, the use of dust cover production, so that plastic shoe racks become more convenient and simple daily cleaning, especially suitable for the placement of some seasonal shoes.

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