Advances in key technologies for high temperature superconducting energy storage magnets

On May 5th, the Institute of Plasma Physics, Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, cooperated with China Electric Power Research Institute and Beijing Electric Power Economic Research Institute, and successfully prepared spirally internally cooled stacked twisted-type composite YBCO energy storage coils. The test piece passed the 500A critical current performance test. The test results show that the critical current of the superconducting coil is 630A in the forced cooling and soaking environment of liquid nitrogen, which exceeds the target requirement of 500A. And as the operating temperature drops, there is room for further significant increase in the critical current.

The superconducting energy storage system utilizes the unimpeded current-carrying characteristics of a high-temperature superconductor to construct a high-stability magnet coil for storing electromagnetic energy, and realizes instantaneous high-power exchange with a power grid through a converter, and power transmission requires no intermediate energy conversion in milliseconds. With the advantages of response speed, conversion efficiency greater than 95%, infinite charge and discharge cycles, and high power density, real-time high-power compensation can be achieved with the power system. Due to the adoption of composite superconductor technology and complex energy storage coil structures, processing preparation is extremely difficult. Under the cooperation of several organizations, such as Tsinghua University, Anhui Hongyuan Special Cable Group Co., Ltd., Hefei Convergence Electrophysics High-tech Development Co., Ltd., Hefei Keyun Cryogenics Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Xizhuo Co., Ltd., through joint research, the YBCO storage An important breakthrough has been achieved in the research of key technology of energy coils, which overcomes the problems of composite welding of high-temperature superconducting wires, welding of superconducting joints, and large deformation of aluminum casing. The YBCO wire is coated with a conductor, the substrate is non-magnetic nickel, the critical current of the project can reach 1000A/mm2, and the mechanical properties are excellent. It is the ideal choice for the next-generation superconducting energy storage magnet.

Under the support of the National Grid Corporation's "Study on key technologies for engineering high-temperature superconducting energy storage magnets," the work completely uses composite superconductor technology and process flow based on YBCO materials, and validates large-capacity energy storage magnets based on composite conductor technology. The technical route has promoted the breakthrough in the application technology of China's large-scale superconducting energy storage magnet industry.

Coil winding

Superconducting coil cooling

Coils pass through 500A and run stably for 20 minutes (manual trigger triggering current)

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