Vegetable wilt four strokes to solve

Vegetable plants have wilted and dead roots, generally for two reasons, one is due to roots, and the other is due to soil-borne diseases. Prompt pesticide prevention in time to avoid a reduction in the quality of vegetable production.
First, the root cause and prevention of root cause is the shallow groundwater level or excessive watering. Preventive measures: ridge cultivation and pouring small water.
Second, the symptoms and prevention of soil-borne diseases 1. The symptoms of blight are browning of the roots of the roots. When the roots are peeled off, the xylem of the roots is also browned, and gradually develops through the vascular bundles. The symptoms of Pythium root rot are that the root epidermis rots and is easily peeled off. Both of the above diseases will cause wilting during the high temperature period at noon, recovering sooner or later, and after several repetitions, they will die.

Precautionary measures: In the early stage of the disease, the pesticide network is recommended to use 500% of carbendazim plus 500 times of hydrazine. In the onset of the disease, the use of allicin 2000 times plus Pupp 700 times (or 800 times of carbendazim), with 200 times Ke Pu Ke solution, root irrigation. The amount of water in the plant is 1-2 kg, once every 5-7 days, and it is 2-3 times depending on the recovery.
2. The root surface of the bacterial wilt disease does not have any pathological condition. The upper part of the plant seems to grow well. However, after the root epidermis is peeled off, the interior becomes brown, especially the phloem of the plant stem becomes brown, which is the manifestation of bacterial wilt. In the initial stage, 77% can be used to kill 500 times or 30 times of Luoan copper water agent or 30% DT (copper succinate) 500 times, the amount of water is 1-2 kg, 5-7 days, even irrigation 2 -3 times to prevent wilting.
3, the base fertilizer and top dressing increase the amount of biological bacterial fertilizer, especially the biocontrol bacteria, to inhibit bacteria, increase beneficial bacteria, reduce harmful bacteria. Such as Bacillus polymyxa, Bacillus subtilis.
4. After the plant has been wilted, the pesticide manufacturer recommends disinfecting the soil of the diseased plant with 500 times of carbendazim or 800 times of carbendazim, and the soil in the vicinity is high to prevent the water from spreading when watering. .

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