Hengshui Citizens made solar energy environmental protection electric tricycle

Hengshui Citizens made solar energy environmental protection electric tricycle

The hot sun, electric vehicles parked outdoors for a few minutes during the day, the seat was too hot to dare to sit, but Heng Wenxiang Zhang Wenyan has been forced to put the electric car to the sun, also laughed: "The more radiant the more happy." He modified his electric tricycle to become a solar electric tricycle.

Recently, the reporter saw Zhang Wenyan’s solar-environmental electric tricycle. Unlike ordinary electric tricycles, this vehicle has four more panels above it, and electric wires connected to the electric tricycle’s battery under the board. Zhang Wenyan introduced that this is something called a solar magnetic plate. "As long as there is enough light, it can gather energy and automatically charge the electric vehicle battery." Asked about the price of this environmentally friendly electric tricycle, Zhang Wenyan said that the solar magnetic board is more than 1,000 yuan, plus the back of the installation of brackets, etc., a total of 2,000 yuan spent.

Zhang Wenyan said that he is 65 years old this year and is a retired employee of the Second Machine Factory in Tancheng County. He now lives in downtown Hengshui. Every time he rides an electric tricycle from the Hengshui urban area back to his hometown in Luancheng City, in addition to charging the car with electricity, he has to bring a fully charged battery. This is too much trouble. The converted solar environmental electric tricycle utilizes the principle of photoelectric conversion so that the light energy can continuously charge the battery of the electric vehicle. If the weather is fine during the day, you can follow the ride with the charge. “This is just a prototype. After that, I plan to add a power storage device and use solar magnetic panels to provide power for mobile phones, TVs, etc. I will take my partner’s children on it and travel around China.” Zhang Wenyan said that his The goal is to travel all over the country within five years. (Reporter Li Haiju)

Hot Tub

Horizon Hot tub spas has got below unique technology in the world:

 1. Never bubble on  spa acrylic shell :

 1) You can test our spa shell on 100 degree hot water more than 200 hours and not any bubble on the spa shell,  USA spa shell tested in 80 degree hot water not more than 40 hours only.

 2)If the spa acrylic shell bubble happen within warranty term, We will free one new spa for you.

2.Horizon Perfect-core spa control therapy system is designed by our company's oversea designer team, It own many unique technology.

1)Total water-proof spa control panel:

You can drip the spa control panel into the water and not any problem.

2). The Extra-pure water treatment system:

 This water treatment system can keep the water clear in the spa more than one year without any chemical chlorine.

3.Luxury polymer spa skirt panel:

1)Don`t fade spa skirt panel used outdoor more than 10 years.

We product our spa spa skirt panel with our unique materials which exploited by our engineer team, So our spa skirt can be used more than 10 years, and the color in the skirt will be not lost.

2)Patent Colorful dream skirt

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