Tips for maintaining wooden floors should be wiped with a dry rag

The textured wooden floor is now more and more popular among the public, and many people like to use it. However, compared with ceramic tiles, wooden flooring should pay more attention to maintenance, especially should be wiped with a dry cloth.

As a northern city, due to the influence of dust, wooden floors should be dusted frequently. Brooms, rags, vacuum cleaners, etc. can all play a role in removing dust. If using a rag or mop to remove dust, be sure to wring it out and wipe it, and then open the window after wiping to dry the floor in time. Because of the wet rags and mops, water will seep into the joints when used, which will damage the floor and cause the floor to be deformed.

In addition, the floor after paving should minimize the direct sunlight of the sun, so as to prevent the paint from being excessively cracked and aged in advance by ultraviolet radiation. If the paved floor does not live for a long time, it is necessary to open the window frequently, and should not be covered with plastic cloth or newspaper. Do not throw cigarettes or matches and other fires on the floor to avoid burning the floor surface. Avoid sharp, sharp objects and heavy items for long periods of time. When walking on the floor, try to wear cloth slippers and put a soft bottom protection pad on the furniture "foot" to avoid damage to the floor.

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