Diamond new project will be successful in participating in the auction of scientific and technological achievements

Summary September 15 morning, Ningbo City, scientific and technological achievements for the first time auction (auction) will be "Kaichui", 8 scientific and technological achievements eventually sold for 3.833 million yuan of "unexpected price." among them,"...
On the morning of September 15, Ningbo’s first scientific and technological achievements bidding (auction) will be “opened up”, and 8 scientific and technological achievements finally produced an “unexpected price” of 3.833 million yuan. Among them, “the industrialization project of diamond powder surface functionalization and diamond composite materials” is the highest in the eight projects.

“Diamond powder surface functionalization and industrialization project of diamond composite materials”, the starting price is 1 million yuan, and the bid price is 50,000 yuan.

This achievement is mainly used in machining, ultra-high temperature heat conduction, and new tools. For example, when used on cutting tools, the cutting speed can be increased by more than 5 times under the same service life; when used on mobile phones and computers, it will not be hot when used.

The bidding was 7 rounds in 5 minutes and finally sold at 1.6 million yuan. This is the highest turnover among the 8 projects.

“This price is much higher than we expected.” Jiang Nan, a project technology leader and researcher at the Institute of Materials Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said, “What makes people more happy is that through bidding, we can see that intellectual achievements and research and development results have been recognized by the market. ”

The No. 3 bidder who took the project and the person in charge of Ningbo Jingdrill Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. said with joy: "This auction is just a stepping stone. I hope that I can use this to open the door of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. I will have more cooperation in the future. ”

Yesterday, the entire auction was only 40 minutes, 8 projects, a total of 3.833 million yuan of the transaction price.

“In the past, our researchers were all looking for companies. This time, companies are coming to us.” Huang Wei, president of the Institute of Information Technology Application, Ningbo Academy of Sciences, said happily that production, research and research projects are generally better, market recognition. It is also high, but the patent auction, everyone has no bottom, I can't think of four patents, and there is no one.

"This result is better than expected. The bidding process and the final transaction price are higher than we expected." Yang Jianzhou, director of the cooperation department of Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau, said that in November, Zhejiang will hold a similar auction, and Ningbo will have an appointment. 30 projects participated. In the future, Ningbo will also introduce more intermediaries to hold such auctions and set up a bridge between scientific research institutions and enterprises.

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