Types of heat meters and their respective uses

According to the structure and principle of the heat meter, the heat meter can be divided into mechanical type (including: turbine type, orifice type, vortex type), electromagnetic type, ultrasonic type and the like.
Types of heat meters and their respective uses

According to the structure and principle of the heat meter, the heat meter can be divided into mechanical type (including: turbine type, orifice type, vortex type), electromagnetic type, ultrasonic type and the like.

1, mechanical heat meter

The mechanical watch is divided into a single flow bundle and a multiple flow bundle. The performance of the single flow bundle watch is that the table in which the water rotates from the single direction in one direction of the impeller is a single flow bundle watch. The wear and tear of the watch is large and the service life is short. The performance of the multi-flow meter is that the table in which the water pushes the impeller in multiple directions in the table is a multi-flow meter. The watch is relatively wear-resistant and has a long service life. The impeller is divided into two forms: a screw and a spinner. Generally, the small-diameter DN15-DN40 household meter uses a spinner. The large diameter process table DN50-DN300 uses a screw. The warranty period for mechanical watches is generally 2 years.

2. Ultrasonic heat meter is a general term for the heat meter of the ultrasonic flowmeter. It uses the ultrasonic wave to propagate in the flowing fluid, and calculates the fluid flow rate by calculating the flow velocity of the fluid by the difference between the forward flow velocity and the reverse flow velocity. There is no special requirement for the medium; the accuracy of the flow measurement is not affected by the parameters such as temperature, pressure and density of the measured fluid. There are two forms of ultrasonic heat meters, one is direct type or the opposite type. The working principle is: ultrasonic transducers directly transmit and receive signals to determine the flow rate. The other is reflective, also called convection. The working principle is that the ultrasonic transducer determines the flow rate through the reflection speed of the plane of the reflector.

3, electromagnetic heat meter

A general term for a heat meter using an electromagnetic flowmeter. Because of the high cost and the need for external power supplies, there are very few heat meters that use such flow meters. At present, some domestic heat meter manufacturers use the general mechanical heat meter as an electromagnetic heat meter to introduce the user to the user by using the structure and principle of the heat meter. This phenomenon requires vigilance. This article is from:
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