Tianjin smart door locks stop at safety

Mobile phones, home appliances, and the Internet, it seems that these three parties were not originally related to each other, but they were brought together under the concept of smart homes. They suddenly felt “unexpectedly”, but they changed their minds. This cross-border cooperation is not a bad thing in the current situation. Maybe it can really make a small move in this area of ​​smart home?
Perhaps the current popularity of smart homes has not yet been achieved. However, intelligent products that can solve real life pain points, such as smart door locks, may not be available. Smart door locks open the entrance to the "future of life." A price of one or two thousand yuan can bring great convenience to life.
Scenario 1: Just like there is no need to bring a wallet with you, the key should also be “retired.” Since Alipay and WeChat paid, even if the Chinese buy a pancake from the roadside, they don’t need to bring a wallet. Virtual payment brings great convenience to life, and intelligent door locks can also solve the worries of going out.
Before going out to confirm whether the "Key to Money" is complete, forgetting to bring a wallet and forgetting to bring a key is the most vexing problem. Now, both the keys and the wallet can be honorably retired.
Unlike traditional door locks, smart door locks are first shown as unlocked. Most intelligent door locks on the market can automatically set a variety of unlocking modes. In addition to traditional keys, they can also be unlocked using passwords, fingerprints, smart sensors, and swipe cards. From then on, you can lose a bunch of keys that are heavy and afraid of losing.
Scenario 2: After picking up the express delivery and buying the food, there is no need to use the traditional key to open the door without hand. It is only a piece of cake for the smart door lock. The smart door lock can also effectively solve the pain points of many lives. In this convenient era, taking express delivery has become a way of life. In particular, like the recent "618" promotional festival, many people received soft-spoken messages.
When you come back home with the big and small pieces in your hands, you have to put down the courier first and open the door with your key. This is a disappointing thing. Intelligent door locks can perfectly eliminate this annoyance. For example, fingerprint locks can be unlocked only by tapping the fingerprint. There are even more "lazy people" unlocking methods. Some smart door locks have a self-sensing system that can be set to bind the phone. When the phone is close, the door lock automatically opens. 5 seconds to 10 seconds after the door is closed or closed, the door lock can be automatically locked to ensure safety.
In the same way, for the housewives who need to buy food every day, the smart door lock sensing function can also bring convenience. Even if you have a large handful of fish, you can still open the door easily without using a key.
Scenario 3: Old people and children go home in a timely manner and remotely know that another useful function of smart door locks is remote control, especially for families with elderly children. Most parents need to go to work, it is impossible to bring their own children, can only rely on the elderly or Auntie. The installation of intelligent door locks will enable parents to better understand the whereabouts of their children and provide parents with peace of mind.
By installing the mobile phone APP associated with the smart door lock, all open records can be viewed on the APP. If fingerprint locks are used, different members have different fingerprints, and they can know when and where they are going home and when they return home; and if the children go home on time after school. This information can help parents better understand the situation in the home. Once an exception occurs, it can be discovered in time. If the child does not return home on time, the parent can call the child after receiving the information to find out if there is an accident and even if there is a case, he can take timely action.

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