How can I choose the right motor? Dalan motor manufacturers have a trick

Do you know what the meaning of the motor is? The electrical equipment of Dalan Motors tells you that electrical equipment that converts electrical energy and mechanical energy is called a motor. The motor uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to realize the mutual conversion of electrical energy and mechanical energy. A device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy is called a generator, and a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy is called an electric motor. But there are so many different types of motors. Do you know how to choose which one is right for you? The Dalan oil pump motor tells you that when selecting the motor, it should be selected according to the actual conditions of the load and the environment. When selecting, it should be noted that the power of the motor should be matched with the load as much as possible. It should not be “large” or even small. cart". Specifically, we can refer to the following aspects: 1. Power selection 1 The power of the motor is selected according to the load. The large power can ensure normal operation, but it is not economical. The efficiency and power factor of the motor are not high. 2 When the selection is small, the normal operation of the motor and the production machine cannot be guaranteed, the performance of the production machine cannot be fully utilized, and the motor is prematurely damaged due to overload. 3 For a continuously operating motor, first calculate the power of the production machine. The rated power of the selected motor is equal to or slightly larger than the power of the production machine. 4 If there is no suitable motor designed for short-term operation, a continuously operating motor can be used. Due to the thermal inertia, overload can be tolerated during short-term operation. The shorter the working time, the greater the overload. 5 The overload of the motor is limited. The power of the short-running motor is usually selected based on the overload factor l. The rated power of the motor can be 1/l of the power required by the production machine. 2, voltage and speed selection 1 voltage selection Motor voltage level selection, according to the motor type, power and the power supply voltage of the place of use. Y series squirrel cage motors are rated at only 380V. Only high-power asynchronous motors use 3000V and 6000V. 2 Speed ​​selection The rated speed of the motor is selected according to the requirements of the production machinery. However, the speed is usually not less than 500r/min. Because the lower the rotational speed of the motor when the power is constant, the larger the size, the more expensive the price, and the lower the efficiency. Asynchronous motors are usually 4-pole, ie synchronous speed n0=1500r/min. 3, the choice of type and type 1 choice: The choice of motor type is from AC or DC, mechanical characteristics, speed and start performance, maintenance and price. a, AC, DC motor selection If there is no special requirements, generally should use AC motor. b. Squirrel-cage and winding-type selection Three-phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor has simple structure, strong and durable, reliable operation, low price and convenient maintenance, but difficult speed regulation, low power factor and poor starting performance. Therefore, the squirrel cage motor should be used as much as possible in the general production machinery that requires mechanical characteristics to be hard and has no special speed regulation requirements. A wound motor is only used when it is not convenient to use a squirrel cage asynchronous motor. 2Structural type selection: a. Open type has no special protection device for drying and dust-free places. The ventilation is very good. b. Protective type There is a ventilation cover under the casing or end cover to prevent debris such as iron filings from falling in. There is also a baffle shape to prevent rainwater from splashing into it at a certain angle. c. The enclosed casing is tightly sealed, cooled by its own fan or external fan, and has a heat sink on the casing. Use it in places that are dusty, humid, or contain acid gases. d. The explosion-proof whole motor is tightly sealed and used in places with explosive gas. 4, the choice of installation structure type: 1 base with foot, end cover without flange (B3) 2 base without foot, end cover with flange (B5) 3 base with foot, end cover has convex Edge (B35) ----- Editor-in-Chief: Dalan Oil Pump Motor 02- Purchasing Consultant Copyright http:/(Dalan Motor) Reprint, please indicate the source

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