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Bearing-related terminology

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Angular contact radial bearing
Radial rolling bearing outer spherical bearing with a nominal touch angle greater than 0° to 45°
1. A spherical inner roller bearing with a spherical outer surface and a wide inner ring with locking device.
Tapered bore bearing
A centripetal rolling bearing with a tapered bore in the inner ring.
Flanged bearing
On one of its ferrules; usually a radial roller bearing with an outer radial flange on the outer or conical outer ring.
Roller track roller
a radial rolling bearing having a thick-section outer ring. For example, rolling on a cam guide;
Retaining ring type yoke type track roller
Rolling bearing with a pair of flat rings.
Bolt type roller bearing stud type track roller
Extending one end of the inner member into a shaft shape; rolling the bearing with a roller of a cantilever device bearing a private letter.
Universal matching bearing
When one or more sets of identical bearings are used together, it is possible to obtain a radial roll bearing that is pre-aligned with the characteristics of a pair or group of devices.
Thrust bearing
It is mainly used for rolling bearings with axial load and nominal touch greater than 45° to 90°.
Axial contact bearing
Thrust roll bearing with a nominal touch angle of 90°.°
Angular touch thrust bearing angular contact thrust bearing°
A thrust bearing with a nominal touch angle greater than 45° but less than 90°.
One-way thrust bearing
A thrust tumbling bearing that can only accept axial loads on one side.
Double direction thrust bearing
A thrust tumbling bearing that accepts axial loads in both directions.
Double row double direction thrust bearing doublerow doubledirection thrust bearing
A two-way thrust tumbling bearing with two rows of tumbling bodies, each column receiving axial load in only one direction.
Straight line straight beareing
Rolling bearing for the purpose of making the raceway move in a relatively straight direction in the direction of the roll.
Following the world of linear motion bearings recirculation ball lineat bearing
There are linear motion rolling bearings in the world.
Ball bearing
The tumbler is a ball rolling bearing.
Radial ball bearing
1. The roll body is the radial roll bearing of the ball.
Groove ball bearing
The raceway is usually a groove type; the cross-section of the groove has a radius slightly larger than the radius of the ball.
Deep groove ball bearing
Each ferrule has a radial ball bearing with a continuous channel with a cross-sectional arc length of about one-third of the circumference of the ball.
Filling groove bearing filling slot bearing
Each ferrule has a grooved ball bearing on its rib; it has more balls loaded than deep groove ball bearings.

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