Plastic recycling of used cars should be highly valued

With the continuous development of the society, the car has also increased. Plastics are not only widely used in automobiles, but also can be used to replace some metal materials to make certain structural parts, functional parts and exterior parts. This not only meets the performance requirements of certain automotive components, but also meets the requirements of lightweight vehicles.
At present, the percentage of plastics in the quality of the whole vehicle is 8% to 15%. The use of plastics in the automotive sector is no longer a new topic.
The production and per capita share of automobiles have also increased substantially, and the frequency of scrapping and updating has naturally increased. In recent years, the recycling of used automotive plastics has attracted great attention from countries around the world. As an environmentally friendly material, plastic is widely used in the automotive industry due to its strong plasticity, light weight and high recycling efficiency. Plastics are increasingly used in interiors, exteriors, and functional structural parts.
We cite a few typical types of plastics used in automobiles to make a simple analysis of their crushing and recycling in manufacturing:
Difficulties such as bumpers and instrument panels: structurally shaped, large in size, containing glass fiber bumpers, instrument panels and other large-sized components, generally selected PVC, ABS, PPO, PP and other enhanced engineering plastics. These components will increase the strength of the material by adding glass fiber. Therefore, when crushing and recycling, the wear resistance of the pulverizer tool and the inner wall of the pulverizing chamber is relatively high. In addition, the size of these components is large, and in order to improve efficiency during pulverization, most of them will use automatic feeding---pulverization---transport---automatic separation of dust---one-stop production line equipment for bagging, only It takes one person to work, and it can complete the work done by 3-5 people in the traditional operation mode, and improve the efficiency by 30-50%.
Difficulties such as steering wheel, interior handle, door trim panel, door and window seals, fenders, etc.: Elastomer soft rubber is not easy to cut these parts, most of them use PU (foaming), PVC artificial leather, TPV, plastic thermal elastomer, EPDM rubber, etc., these materials are characterized by elasticity, strong deformability and good hand feeling. In the pulverization and recycling, these materials present difficult problems such as soft rubber being difficult to cut, hot-sticking, agglomeration, and unloading. An elastomer-specific shredder must be used. Different from the ordinary pulverizer, this pulverizer is designed for elastomer and rubber. It has the characteristics of soft rubber in the tool material, cutting angle, rotation speed and tool shaft assembly method. The material can be quickly cut into granules and matched. Use a special screen to make the cutting smoother. For temperature-sensitive special elastomers and rubber (such as low temperature TPU, high purity PP, hot melt adhesive, etc.), low temperature environmental pulverization can be added to reduce the physical property changes caused by temperature rise.
The interior and ceiling canopy are generally made of plastic fiber and plastic wool material. The fiber material is basically made of plastic material, so it can be crushed and crushed for further recycling. What should be paid attention to when the plastic fiber is recycled? The high speed rotation of the cutter shaft is easy to be powdered; while the fiber material can only be crushed by shearing. Therefore, the crushing and recycling of such materials is different from ordinary hard plastics. It requires relatively high material requirements for crushing tools: ordinary hard plastics are generally brittle because of their high hardness. Pay special attention to the choice of tool material and cutting angle.

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