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Front/rear bearing protection

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1. Prepare lithium base 2 grease or molybdenum disulfide grease, lamp oil or diesel 500 ml, waste cloth or old clothes, a washbasin, parts storage box, repairing things, marker pen.
2, choose a windless day; find a back to the flat and close the hand brake and open the stall brake; can be fixed in the rear / front tires.
3. First loosen the front and rear wheel fixing bolts on both sides in a diagonal order.
4. Use the jack to raise one side of the front/rear wheel and use the iron triangle bracket or wooden brick to stabilize it; repeat this process to stabilize the other side.
5. Remove the loosened front/rear wheel fixing bolts from the registered parts box.
6, remove the front / rear wheel.
7, remove the front / rear brake pads (identify the left and right tables marked with a marker).
8. Remove the front/rear bearing head protection cap.
9. Remove the flower basket fixing bolts and secure the pins.
10. Loosen and remove the bolts.
11. Take the bearing view in the table below; if it has been severely worn, it should be replaced in time!
12. If there is no severe wear, use fire oil or diesel to remove and clean.
13. Evenly apply the grease to the bearings in the watch and put them back in place.
14. Tighten the basket bolts and then pour them back into a half.
15. Rotate the front/rear bearing to see if it can loosen or pull out; repeat the adjustment until it is not loose.
16, the device basket bolts secure pin, front / rear axle protection cap.
17. Carefully scrub the brake disc and the oil on the outside with a clean cloth;
18, check the brake disc, sheet and appearance; if damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time.
19. Front wheel of the device; tighten the bolts in diagonal order.
20. Repeat this process to complete the other side of the protection.
21. Use a jack to raise one side of the front wheel to remove the triangular iron bracket or pad; the jack unloads the front/rear wheel to the ground. Repeat this process to make the other side front/rear wheel touch the ground.
22. Tighten the tire fixing bolts in a diagonal order with a wrench (should be not less than 40 kg torque).
Clarify that the single person is protected for about 2-3 hours.

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