Biological pesticide application has "eight look"

As people's awareness of environmental protection and health awareness increase, people are increasingly fond of "green" food. Therefore, the correct and efficient use of bio- pesticides has attracted more and more attention. At present, biological pesticides have been widely used in field crops, vegetables, fruit trees and flowers. To maximize the effectiveness of biological pesticides, it is necessary to achieve "six look" and "one basis".

Look at the sky

The factors that have the greatest impact on the use of biopesticides are temperature, humidity, light and wind. Temperature not only acts on biological insecticide spores, but also on the pest itself, thus affecting the pathogenicity and toxicity of pathogenic microorganisms; humidity has a direct relationship with the propagation and spread of biocide spores, humidity, microbial spore reproduction and Rapid diffusion, easy to infect and kill pests; ultraviolet rays in the sun have a lethal killing effect on spores, so try to avoid strong light when applying, such as better use after 4 pm, wind-to-powder bio-pesticide drift And diffusion has a vital role, the application of powder under the breeze, the best effect.

Look at the ground

The use of biopesticides varies from region to region. In the arid areas, it is necessary to increase the amount of sprayed medicinal water, which is easy to survive and multiply the microbial spores. At the same time, some specific high molecular substances and substances that increase the viscosity of the solution, such as starch, animal bone glue, and ash leaching liquid, can be added to the preparation. Improve the use of biological pesticides.

Watching insects

Biopesticides are used differently for pests of different types and characteristics. Pests have several different developmental stages in their lifetime, and their resistance to biocides is different at each stage of development. When the pests are selected for the younger larvae, the effects of the biological pesticides can be fully utilized, thereby achieving the requirements of “treating the disease, treating the disease early, and treating it”. In addition, different types of biocides are used depending on the feeding characteristics of the pests.

Watching machinery

Due to the high production cost of bio-pesticide, the drug-using technology should be optimized, and high-performance spraying machinery, such as spraying by mist, should be used to improve the control effect of bio-pesticide and reduce production cost.

See the dosage form

When using bio-pesticide, properly select the appropriate dosage form according to the target, weather conditions and period of use. For pests with a large amount of edible leaves, such as cabbage caterpillar, it can be sprayed by adding a wettable powder with water to form a suspension, and the effect is good. Capsules not only have a long-term effect, but also protect the pathogens from environmental factors, and can be used in greenhouses.

Look at the variety

In the actual use of bio-pesticide, many people mistakenly believe that bio-insecticides can kill all pests, so they choose to use them indiscriminately, which not only does not receive the desired effect, increases production costs, and increases the difficulty of prevention and control. It will also delay the prevention period. In fact, biocides are highly specific and have a poor spectrum of insecticides. Therefore, appropriate biological pesticides should be selected in a targeted manner for different pests.

According to the migratory characteristics of pests

In the actual use of biological pesticides, biological pesticides should be used in combination with high-efficiency, low-toxicity and low-residue chemical pesticides according to the migratory characteristics of pests. The two complement each other.

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