[Real-time] Provincial Special Defense Center conducts "Intensify Safety Development Concept, Improve Overall Safety Quality" Seminar on Fire Safety Knowledge


In order to comprehensively improve the fire safety awareness of the center's employees, the provincial special defense center has specially invited instructors from the Taizhou Anju Fire Education Training Center to carry out fire safety seminars.

During the event, the instructor used a slide show and video to vividly show the center staff several major fire accidents and further analyze the causes of the fire. The instructors combined their own years of work experience and pointed out that many units and individuals have serious problems such as being lucky, being paralyzed, not knowing how to extinguish fire, and causing serious damage to themselves and other people. In this regard, the instructor explained in detail the treatment of hidden dangers and fires in daily life, and also demonstrated the use of fire extinguishers on the spot.

Through this lecture, not only has the awareness of the fire safety prevention of all employees of the center improved, but also the fire protection knowledge and skills have increased, making the fire fighting work truly effective.

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