Year-round decoration, worry about the problem, 5 big cheats for your worry

As the Spring Festival is approaching, many owners are hesitant to worry about the quality of the renovation project. On the one hand, I am afraid of delaying the construction period, on the other hand, I am afraid that there will be problems in catching up with the workers. In fact, the owners can treat them with a normal heart and master some of the New Year’s decoration cheats, which can effectively avoid unnecessary hidden dangers.

Cheats 1: New Year's decoration can check the quality of decoration

In the past, people had a misunderstanding of winter decoration. In particular, it was considered that it was not good to stop construction during the Spring Festival. In fact, this kind of intermittent construction is beneficial. During the shutdown period, it is easier to find problems in the decoration process, and there are opportunities to remedy in time. Because the decoration is done first in the hydropower and woodworking parts. Finishing the woodworking project before the festival, leaving it for about 20 days helps to expose hidden problems, such as material stretching and deformation. Painting after the Spring Festival reduces the possibility of deformation. Just adjust the problem and you can quickly construct it. In addition, the wood deformation that people have been worried about in the past is in fact directly related to the moisture content of the selected wood. Today, most of the wood recommended by the brand home improvement company does not have this problem; at this time, the decoration is just the owner's test decoration company. A good opportunity for quality.

Cheats 2: The house keys are cut and placed at random during the work stoppage

It is also important to find out whether the after-sales service can be in place for the owners of the renovation. The Spring Festival holiday schedules of different decoration teams are different. The general construction team workers will have 15 days to 20 days of holidays. Therefore, the owner must write the negotiated "cross-year" renovation items into the contract. In addition, during the shutdown period, the keys of the house should not be placed at will, so as to avoid property loss.

Cheats 3: There are some restrictions on the stoppage of construction during construction.

Before the holiday, you should see the contents of the lock-up agreement and the start date of your home in order to guarantee your legal rights. All construction teams are required to work on the construction site that cannot be completed before the festival. They must pay attention to the cut-off point and precautions of the project. For example, the wall tiles must be finished with a whole wall. Floor tiles should also pay attention to the closing point of the paving, it is best to lay out a house. Woodworkers and oilers also pay attention to the cut-off point of the project.

The decoration of the New Year's Eve needs to pay special attention to the fact that the construction team should not be encouraged to forcibly construct the construction without the construction conditions, resulting in engineering safety and quality hazards.

Cheats 4: Don't forget to heat the water at the end of the renovation

For the renovation of houses across the year, it is necessary to protect the finished products and the unfinished products. If it is the owner's home that is about to be completed, it is necessary to put some water on the heating, or inform the owner to go to the construction site once a week to ventilate the house. Most decoration companies stipulate that in addition to the on-site and the owner to check the items in the field before the stoppage, remember to place 2-3 pots of water indoors to maintain the humidity in the room to prevent deformation of the product; pay attention to the unused materials. Class code, some materials should not be placed in the sun.

Cheats 5: The main gate of the hydropower should be closed

For the construction site where the work is stopped, the door will be affixed, and the gas main valve, the water main valve, the circuit main gate, etc. shall be closed. The above-mentioned links need to be present together with the owner. The general standard decoration company will fill in the “Engineering Handover Form” and “Engineering Materials”. Handover Form (in duplicate) signed and approved by the customer, supervisor, and project manager, one for the client and one for the project.

Epoxy Mortar Self Leveling Floor

Scope of adaptation:
Requires a highly clean, beautiful, clean, sterile electronic, microelectronics industry, the implementation of the GMP standard pharmaceutical industry, blood products industry, can also be used for schools, offices, homes and other floors.
Performance characteristics:
1, made of high quality epoxy resin, modified amine Curing Agent and reactive diluent;
2, the surface is smooth, beautiful, up to mirror effect;
3, acid, alkali, salt, oil corrosion, especially good alkali resistance;
4, wear, pressure, impact resistance, a certain flexibility;
Service life:
2mm / 8 years, 3mm / 10 years, 4mm / 12 years, 5mm / 15 years.
Technical index:



drying time,h

Table dry




Tensile Strength


Bending strength


Compressive strength


Shore hardness




Wear resistance(750g/500r,weightlessness,g)


Adhesive strength


30% resistant to sulfuric acid

30 days to allow a slight discoloration

25% resistant to sodium chloride

30 days without exception

30% resistant to salt water

30 days without exception



Construction Technology:
1, the base surface treatment;
2, brushing closed base oil;
3, batch scratch epoxy mortar coating;
4, polished, vacuuming;
5, with self-leveling epoxy paint Tu Tu;

Epoxy Mortar Self Leveling Floor

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