The six most influential events in the world

The six most influential events in the world Snowden escaped and leaked the leaked door. The 3Q warfare took advantage of the unspoken rules and China Mobile was rejected from the US market. The eventual result of these incidents was that user information was “stolen” and “naked”. There are many ways in which leaked secrets are leaked, but most of the well-known leaked incidents are disclosed in our Internet era. The smart home industry based on internet dependence should also be aware of each other in order to effectively make preventive measures. Let's take a look at the history that once caused a sensation. The famous leaked incident.

I. 2013 Snowden Incident - An Unearthed Special Agent According to Edward Snowden, former CIA staff member of the United States: The "Prism" wiretapping plan began in the Bush era of 2007. The United States intelligence agencies have been in nine countries. Data mining is carried out by U.S. Internet companies, and personal contact information and actions are analyzed from audio, video, pictures, mail, documents, and connection information. There are 10 types of monitoring: information e-mail, instant messaging, video, photos, stored data, voice chat, file transfer, video conferencing, login time, details of social networking data, including two secret surveillance items, one is monitoring, Listening to the call records of the public telephones and monitoring the people’s network activities.

Second, in 2011 - CSDN - 100 million users were stumbled In mid-December, CSDN website user database was hacked on the Internet, about 600 million registered email accounts and the corresponding plaintext password leaked. In the next few days, including dozens of well-known websites such as Tianya, Renren, and Dangdang, all users said that the password was publicly transmitted on the Internet. There are even rumors that some banks’ online account user passwords have also been leaked. Subsequently, a number of Internet websites, ICBC, Bank of Communications, Minsheng Bank and other banks quickly came forward. In spite of this, monitoring data from Qihoo 360 still indicates that the password of publicly exposed online accounts on the Internet has exceeded 100 million. Chinese Internet users are at risk.

Third, in 2010 - 3q war - two big darkness Tencent and 360's "Privacy War" controversy began in the 360 ​​company launched in September 2011, "360 privacy protection device", 360 claimed that QQ exists Various peeping behaviors of user privacy. Tencent responded in a low-key response to its misunderstanding of Tencent's QQ security features. On October 11, 360 released the "User Privacy Protection White Paper," which once again suggested that Tencent's QQ software is "not secure enough." That night, Tencent issued an official statement, rigorously refuted 360 accusations, and announced that it will take legal measures to safeguard their rights. According to industry analysts, with the continuous escalation of the “war of words” between Tencent and 360 you came and went, it also sparked a war of words between the two networks of the 3Q.

Fourth, 2010 - WikiLeaks leaked - White House on July 26, 2010, London, England, "WikiLeaks" website Australian journalist Julian Assange held a British "Guardian" at a press conference. . The WikiLeaks website published 200,000 pages of 92,000 U.S. military confidential reports. These military reports documented the "secrets" that U.S. forces in Afghanistan did not want to make known to the public, including 144 "accidental" killings of civilians by the coalition forces. The U.S. military tried to cover up the fact that the Taliban had obtained surface-to-air missiles. How the U.S. military organized secret "Assassination or "Captives" on a roster of class leaders in the column of the Taliban. The White House was greatly angered by the exposure of classified documents. Severely condemning leaks would endanger the national security of the United States. The United Kingdom also condemned the release of classified documents.

V. 2005 - Google Maps leak incident - a fleet of Google maps released in February 2010 satellite photos exposed the inside of the United States three reserve fleet base, more than 170 various types of ships by the Ministry of Transport Ocean Administration Deployed at James River in Virginia, Beaumont, Texas, and at the Deep Bay Base in California. Known as the National Defense Reserve Fleet, the main task of these fleets is to provide support to the U.S. military during wartime or in the event of an emergency in the country. These ships are divided into two major categories. One is the "reserve fleet," which can be converted into active military naval forces between 10 days and 120 days. The other is the "non-reserve ships," which have passed the service period. Being processed or waiting for processing.

In 1972, the Watergate incident—an entire Watergate scandal or watergate scandal—was one of the most disgraceful political scandals in the history of the United States. It has its own history as well as the entire international press community. In the long term, in the 1972 presidential election, in order to obtain information on the internal Democratic campaign strategy, on June 17, 1972, James W. McCord, chief security adviser to the US Republican Nixon campaign team, Five people led by Jr.) broke into the office of the Democratic National Committee in Watergate Building in Washington, and were arrested on the spot when they installed bugs and photographed documents. As a result of this, Nixon announced on August 8, 1974 that he would resign on the following day, thus becoming the first president to resign in US history.

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