Decorative color using Feng Shui taboo

The color matching in the home is very important, and the color environment in the long-term life will have certain influence on the temperament. If people who live in the blue environment for a long time, it will be easy to be depressed and have negative thoughts for a long time. Purple gives people a sense of helplessness. Xiaobian takes you to look at the decoration, there are seven color taboos must pay attention.

Home paint dark blue:

The color matching in the home is mainly dark blue, and the blue has dull colors. After a long time, the home will be invisibly sullen, all negative, and the home is not safe. Although the Mediterranean has sea blue, it is not all. It is blue, but blue and white. Most of them are mainly blue.

Home paint purple more:

The purple color-based home color matching, although it can be said that the purple gas is full of room fragrance, but the red series in the purple, the invisible color sensation, easy to make the home of people have a sense of helplessness.

Home paint green more:

It will also make the will of the home gradually fade away. It is not generally said that the eyes should be green. In fact, green refers to the green of nature, not artificially green. Therefore, it will inevitably lead to indoor lifelessness and lack of vitality. .

Painted pink in the home:

In addition to the daughter's home, the children's room is decorated with pink decorations, but the use of large areas is not very good, the most fierce color, pink is easy to make people feel irritated, prone to squabbles, disputes, quarrels frequently; especially Newlyweds, in order to adjust the atmosphere in the middle of the mouth, in the eyes of Mrs. Fan seems to be extremely romantic.

Home paint red more:

The Chinese always think that red is auspicious, but the Korean custom is represented by red cloth in the dead family. These are just human customs, but the red series is too heavy, making the eyes too heavy and making people's moods easy. Therefore, red can only be used as a part of the color of the match, not as the theme of the color, but the Buddha Temple is different from the home.

Home paint yellow more:

Feeling sorrowful, annoying and uneasy, there is a feeling of sorrow and sorrow that can't be said, so the brain and nerve consciousness is full of multi-layered illusion, and some neuropathy is the most refusal.

The color in the home is best milky white, ivory, white.

It is best to recognize what kind of color is better in the home. If you are not very clear, you should use the usual milky white, ivory white or white best, refreshing and long-lasting without distracting thoughts. If you think that the color is too small, you can choose decorative painting, or on TV. Add some color to the background wall.

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