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Plant growth regulators can regulate the growth and development of crops, coordinate the balanced use of nutrients, shape the high-yield plant shape of crops, and promote the high yield and quality of crops.

However, in recent years, due to the increase in rural old-age labor force and insufficient knowledge, the use of this technology with high technology is often used improperly, causing some mistakes. At present, when rice, cotton, corn and other large crops and vegetables and fruit trees use plant growth regulators, in order to prevent mistakes in the application of plant growth regulators, the author recommends farmers friends to purchase according to the lessons learned over the years. When using plant growth regulators, start with the following points.

The sensitivity of different plant crops to plant growth regulators after application depends on the type of crop. For example, rice seedlings are sensitive to paclobutrazol. When hybrid rice is planted, it is sensitive to the "nine-two" in order to solve the flowering period. Cotton soaking, seedling rooting or spraying is sensitive to "802", and buds and flowering period are sensitive to ketamine and auxin. Wheat is sensitive to chlormequat before jointing. Corn is sensitive to DF-1. Peanuts are long-lasting and paclobutrazol is sensitive. Soybeans and tomatoes are sensitive to 2,4-D and tomato spirit. The fruit tree is sensitive to the "Nine-two O".
According to the growth of crops, for example, hybrid rice production encounters no flowering time, and the use of “nine-two” adjustment to use flowering anastomosis can increase the rate of ear formation. If the seedling stage of rice or peanut is prosperous, use doxazole to promote the growth of its seedlings. For example, when the cotton bud period and the flowering and boll period appear mad, a small amount of multiple, front light and heavy methods can be used to spray the ketamine and the auxin. For the purpose of promoting early boll opening and early drawing of the cotton, the ripening agent such as ethephon or ethylene diphosphate may be sprayed in a suitable temperature range after the ripening of the autumn peach. Such as anti-soybean, tomato falling flowers and fruit, can be used 2,4-D, tomato spirit and other regulators. Preventing wheat from lodging can be used to make chlormequat, ketamine and the like. Prevent deflation of corn with DF-1.

The effect of chemical regulation according to different environments is often related to temperature, light, humidity and soil moisture. Generally, in a suitable temperature range, the higher the temperature, the better the effect. When the temperature is high, the concentration of the application regulator is low. Increase the concentration appropriately when the temperature is low. When the temperature of the field is too high or too low, the crops in the field will hinder the role of plant growth regulators. However, the effect of tomato on the application of 2,4-D or nectar in the adverse weather conditions is obvious. It is good to apply the conditioner when the sun is sunny, but avoid the strong sunlight in the summer. The air humidity is high and the soil moisture is good, which is beneficial to the absorption and operation of the regulator. When the weather is dry, it should be applied after the crops are drought-resistant. If the wind speed is too high, the vane of the blade is closed and it is not suitable for application. After applying the conditioner, the liquid will be washed in case of rain and should be reapplied after rain.
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