LK215-1 bicycle alarm wire lock

Patent No.3

1. This lock adopts two-speed operation. The first gear can only lock the car, but it does not alarm. The second gear can lock the car and has an alarm function.
2. Use the key to twist the lock cylinder and insert the second gear of the lock. When you hear a “beep”, the lock enters the alarm state. After 15 seconds, when the lock or the car is shaken, an alarm sounds. Continuous vibration continuous alarm, each alarm sound for 10 seconds.
3. When you hear a “snap, slightly, slightly,,,,,,” continuous sound or a sudden interruption of the alarm, the battery is exhausted and the battery needs to be replaced.
4. When replacing the battery, open the lock, unscrew the two screws next to the lock hole, and remove the rubber washer to replace the battery. Please pay attention to the positive and negative poles.

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