Depicting a blueprint for the world's wooden doors

This will become a milestone for the world's wooden door country to advance to a powerful country.
Depicting a blueprint for the world's wooden doors
- written before the first World Wooden Door Conference
On the morning of January 18th, the press conference of the first World Wooden Door Conference and CIDE-2011 Tenth China International Door Industry Exhibition was held in Beijing. It is reported that the 10th China International Door Industry Exhibition will be held from March 9th to 12th at the Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall).
Shi Feng, secretary general of the China National Forest Products Industry Association, announced that the first World Wooden Door will be held on March 8th at the Beijing International Convention Center. This will be a high-profile, high-level conference, national and national leaders, national economic, media, brand experts and scholars, China Industrial Media Alliance and other hundreds of media senior journalists, the world's major wooden doors and related industries, Regional organizations, institutions, media representatives, the main leaders of more than 600 key enterprises in China's wooden door industry, and other researchers, decision makers, and production operators in the world's wooden door industry will gather for the first time to showcase, summarize, and discuss The brilliant achievements and development trend of the world wooden door industry, depicting a new development blueprint for the world wooden door.

World wooden door to see China
In the past 10 years, the development of China's forestry industry has maintained a strong momentum. In 2010, the national forestry output value has exceeded 2 trillion yuan. According to the China Forestry Industry Federation, during the 11th Five-Year Plan period, China has become a major producer and trader of forest products in the world. Among them, the output of wood-based panels, wood and bamboo furniture, wood flooring and wooden doors ranks first in the world. Jia Zhibang, director of the State Forestry Administration, said that in the next five years, China will accelerate the development of ten leading industries such as forestry industry, and strive to achieve a total forestry output value of 3.5 trillion yuan by 2015.
As one of the sunrise industry in the forestry industry, the wooden door industry has developed at an average annual growth rate of 25% in the past 10 years. In 2010, some experts believed that it could approach 80 billion yuan, and its total output value has accounted for 7.5% of the output value of the forestry secondary industry. .
Entering the 12th Five-Year Plan, the country's series of policies to expand domestic demand, maintain growth, adjust structure, and focus on people's livelihood are conducive to the steady development of the wooden door industry based on small and medium-sized enterprises, urbanization and new rural construction, and wooden building materials to the countryside to the wooden door industry belt. Come to a new development space;
The international financial crisis has provided a good opportunity for the development of China's wooden door industry. In the post-financial crisis era, it will provide rare opportunities for Chinese wooden door enterprises to "please come in" and "go out";
In the next 5 to 10 years, China's wooden door industry will present a diversified development pattern. Scale, standardization and branding will become the mainstream development trend of the industry;
More and more enterprises will use policy thrust and multi-capital channels to integrate through mergers and acquisitions, expand scale, extend the industrial chain, and develop from single product production to home integration. Enterprise management will rise from product management to asset management and capital management . platform.
In the next 10 to 15 years, China's wooden door industry will become stronger and stronger, and the world's wooden doors will see China become a reality.

Work together to win the world
With the goals and aspirations, the development of the wooden door industry has its foundation and direction. However, how to achieve this goal and desire will be a question that the wooden door industry needs to think about. Therefore, the theme of the 2011 First World Wooden Door Conference was determined as: the future of ecomagination and the win-win world.
Shi Feng, Secretary-General of China National Forest Products Industry Association, introduced the main contents of the first World Wooden Door Conference at the press conference:
Keynote speech: Distinguished experts and scholars have an authoritative interpretation of domestic and foreign economy, trade, China's forestry industry and real estate;
International Conference: Representatives from the FAO Wood Committee, the International Wood Products Association and the United States, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, ASEAN and other countries and regions will be surrounded by "the world's wooden doors, a common market" Themes are discussed, explored and dialogued;
Brand and Media Conference: Ai Feng, Chairman of the Brand China Industry Alliance, and other well-known domestic brand experts and national media leaders, industry leaders, and wooden door brand representatives will discuss and dialogue on topics such as “Wooden Brand and Media Communication”;
International Seminar on Sustainable Management of Low Carbon Economy and Forestry Industry: Experts and scholars in the field of forestry industry will conduct in-depth discussions and dialogues on topics such as “low carbon, trade security, sustainable development, and wood substitution”;
A grand recognition of China's wooden doors for ten years of meritorious enterprises, brands, and characters;
Propose the Chinese wooden door industry innovation plan;
Released the Beijing Declaration of the 2011 World Wooden Door Conference.
"This will be a milestone in the history of the development of the world's wooden door industry." Ai Feng, Shi Feng and other guests attending the press conference gave the conference a high evaluation and hope.
Media Alliance focuses on wooden door merit  
In the past ten years, China's wooden door industry has formed a relatively developed and complete industrial system from small to large and from weak to strong. It evolved from the original hand workshop production to today's modern sunrise industry pattern; from simple practical functions to the current home culture that meets consumers' appearance, crafts, environmental protection, culture and many other elements and requirements.
In order to raise the "Chaoyang" industry in this round of wooden doors, many wooden door enterprises and entrepreneurs poured their enthusiasm and made hard work and achieved remarkable results. As a result, the grand recognition of the meritorious enterprises, brands and characters that emerged in the wooden door industry in the past ten years has become an important part of the first World Wooden Door Conference.
Hu Yingwen, deputy secretary general of China Industrial Newspaper Association and China Industrial Media Alliance, introduced the "China Wooden Door Ten Years of Merit" promotion at the press conference.
“This activity is led by China Forestry Industry Association, China Forest Products Industry Association, China Building Decoration Association, China Industry Newspaper Association, China Industrial Media Alliance, and the 10th China International Door Industry Exhibition Organizing Committee. A joint initiative.                       
The promotion activities are characterized by the guidance of industry associations, enterprises voluntarily participate, and senior experts of the media alliance review and finalize.
The event aims to promote advanced, set an example, promote the growth of Chinese wooden door enterprises and brands, and create a brand era of China's wooden door industry. ”
According to Hu Yingwen, the promotion of China's wooden door ten years of merit is divided into: top ten meritorious, outstanding, outstanding, cutting-edge enterprises; top ten glory, outstanding, outstanding, cutting-edge brand; ten meritorious, outstanding, outstanding, new people.
The above list of recommended shortlists has been announced at the press conference and publicized in the China Industry Network, China Green Times, China Building Materials News, China Construction News, China Door Industry Special Issue and other media.
"Focus on China's wooden door merits and promote the development of the wooden door industry. This is the responsibility and obligation of our media alliance and media people. We will pay attention to and witness the growth of China's wooden door meritorious enterprises, brands and characters for a long time." Hu Yingwen and China Industry News Association The media leaders and guests such as Cao Hengwu and the guests made such a statement at the press conference.
Ten years to create the world's first exhibition of the door industry
“From the development of the wooden door industry and the market potential, the display of industrial achievements and the development direction, we should have an exhibition that can reflect our country's status. Through this exhibition, we will communicate with the government, industry and enterprises and connect with consumers and international counterparts. Docking." Shi Feng was pleased to hear about the introduction of CIDE-China International Door Industry Exhibition Executive Secretary Chen Wei about the 10th CIDE China International Door Industry Exhibition.
Chen Wei made the following introduction to the 10th CIDE China International Door Industry Exhibition at the press conference :
CIDE- China International Door Industry Exhibition (CIDE) has gone through nine years of spring and autumn. The exhibition is an international and large-scale door industry exhibition in Asia and the world that has been carefully crafted by Beijing Weishijiahe Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. for 9 years. Founded in 2002, it has successfully held nine sessions in Beijing. It is currently the only door industry exhibition in China that has been approved by the Ministry of Commerce and the National Council for the Promotion of International Trade.   
After nine years of experience and leaping development, due to its remarkable results and rich information, it has been fully affirmed and supported by the industry. The exhibition was established in 2002 with the first 7,000 square meters, 350 booths, 77 exhibitors, and 3,628 professional visitors. It has grown to nearly 10,000 square meters in 2010, 3,552 booths, 628 exhibitors, and nearly 10 exhibitors. A professional audience of thousands of people. In 2011, the scale of the 10th door exhibition will reach more than 110,000 square meters, more than 6,000 booths, more than 1,000 exhibitors, and 100,000 professional visitors will become the industry's attention, the world's top scale door industry ceremony .

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