High-precision grinding machines frequently appear in the domestic market

Editor's note: The domestic market has strong demand for grinding products, and the output is far from meeting the demand, and it is mainly low-end. Under this situation, breaking through the current development bottleneck, and taking the high-precision route has become an urgent problem for grinding companies. Under the development of economic recovery and the strong support of national policies, the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of enterprises, the grinding machine industry has been further improved, and the domestic market continues to emerge high-end products.

The first domestic full-column moving grinder is born
Hangzhou Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. successfully developed a MKH450/1 CNC full-column moving powerful forming grinding machine for a power plant in Shanghai. It is also the first impeller outer-circular surface CNC forming grinding machine in China. The machine tool has been verified by the actual production of the user, and successfully solved the technical problem of the outer part of the turbocharger, the key part of the turbocharger. This machine tool can replace the imported processing equipment of the same kind. The outer circular surface of the impeller is ground, and its contour dimensional accuracy, surface roughness and processing efficiency can meet the current production needs of users, and play a greater role in production. .

It is a technical difficulty to develop and manufacture this machine tool with a new layout and a new processing method. Because the shape of the workpiece is usually linearly moved, the workpiece is usually rotated by a cylindrical surface or a conical surface. For the externally shaped surface grinding, the workpiece needs to be rotated, and the contour accuracy and shape accuracy of the contour are applied. There is a high demand, so the difficulty of forming the outer surface of the impeller is quite large, and it is the first grinding method and equipment in China.

Finishing new gear grinding machine, the main automotive manufacturing industry
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has developed the gear grinding machine "ZE15B" with excellent mass production. In the future, it will expand sales in the automotive industry. It is understood that by improving the ZE15A, the ZE15B can process gears with an outer diameter of 150mm for further mass production; the ZE15B reduces the non-machining time to 5 seconds by equipped with a newly developed "two-tail" workpiece changer. This improves production efficiency; the increase in mechanical rigidity increases the rotational speed of the grinding wheel to a maximum of 6000 rpm, which is more than 30% higher than that of the ZE15A. The trimming device for forming and dressing the grinding wheel also shortens the trimming time by adopting a new product with high speed and high rigidity, and realizes the support for the operation of multi-head trimming and root grinding; the pair of teeth after the replacement of the grinding wheel and the trimming device Automation of the operation has also been improved; in addition, the ZE15B is equipped with a toothed trimming function and a tooth surface bend to cope with complex tooth surface shapes.

The improved ZE15B achieves short-time high-efficiency grinding and enables high-speed, high-precision finishing.

Shanghai Machine Tool Plant's high-grade CNC grinding machine won the first prize of mechanical industry science and technology
The key technology and equipment development project for high-end CNC grinding machines for the steel and automobile industry is one of the key projects of Shanghai Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd., which is mainly aimed at the development needs of the steel industry, and develops heavy-duty CNC rolls suitable for manufacturing rolls for large-size steel plate rolling. Grinder series. Among them, the country's largest super-heavy CNC roll grinder capable of top grinding 250 tons of workpieces has been included in the national “high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment” technology major project. Recently, at the National Machinery Industry Science and Technology Conference held in Beijing, the project won the “First Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award 2010”.

It is understood that the main innovations of the project are concentrated in seven aspects, namely, super heavy-duty roll top grinding technology, high-performance head and tail frame structure design, on-machine precision measurement of large rolls, large-scale refinement technology of heavy-duty bearings, heavy-duty rolls Grinding wheel frame design, research and development of CNC roll grinder micro-feed system, roll grinding control software development and NC process realization. The project has declared or authorized 8 national invention patents and 6 utility model patents.

Fujian Weifeng high precision surface grinder fills the domestic gap
The MWF70250C CNC high-precision horizontal-axis rectangular table surface grinder of Fujian Nan'an Weifeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. fills the domestic gap and is the first in the world. It has won the national key issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Quality Supervision. New product certificate.

A compound metal cutting machine that is a flat or profiled surface of a part. The centralized mechanical structure, advanced servo drive system, CNC system and hydraulic drive system are concentrated, which finally reflects the highest level of machining quality – high precision and low roughness. At the same time, the intuitive, modern and user-friendly touch screen operating system can be used to set the required parameters arbitrarily with multiple interfaces, and to control various motion programs, which can be automatically cycled or manually ground. Its main function is the CNC high-precision machining of the metal part plane and the guide surface.

Fujian Daewoo Heavy-duty CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. CNC roll grinder was introduced to the market
Fujian Dayu Heavy-duty CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has joined the province's Machine Tool Association and has continued the development of R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service. It is the focus of professional production of heavy-duty and ultra-precision CNC machine tools in Fujian Province. the company. Under the leadership of the founder of the company, Chen Yushui, the company has gathered a group of domestic technical elites who have been engaged in the design and manufacture of various types of heavy-duty precision CNC machine tools for many years. The company has strong design and development capabilities, and has accumulated rich experience and many unique technologies in the design and development of CNC roll grinders, providing reliable technical guarantee for the development of high-performance products. The company is led by a series of high-precision CNC roll grinders, high-precision CNC centerless grinders and ultra-precision cylindrical grinders. Among them, MK84 series automatic CNC roll grinder is suitable for rolling steel, metallurgy, non-ferrous metal processing, paper making, rubber, printing and dyeing, heavy equipment, etc. It is suitable for any kind of work rolls, backup rolls, calender rolls, dryers, etc. Grinding processing. The company's grinding machines have been extensively equipped to the non-ferrous metals industry, steel companies, and roll manufacturing industries, and have achieved good results. Advanced products and quality services have been widely recognized by customers.

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