Vibrant small apartment renovation design

Vibrant small apartment renovation design

Although people in the house are actually more comfortable, the small house has its own uniqueness. In addition to the good decoration, this small house is also very unique, warm and secure.

Highlight the use of features

Functionality and interest are the focus of small-sized units. The commonness and personality of the family should be unified in space division and home decoration. In the flat pattern, the design of small-sized units is usually based on satisfying practical functions. It is reasonable to arrange various functional areas, flow routes and some large-scale furniture. You can use open kitchen or living room, restaurant and other methods, without affecting the use of the function on the basis of the use of mutual penetration of space to increase the level of interior and decorative effects.

For example, the reception area, dining area, etc. are all more people and lively activity areas. They can be arranged in the same space. Sleep and learning need to be relatively quiet and can be included in the same space. Therefore, visitors, meals and sleep, and learning should have a hard or soft separation in space. If the room is small and you want to have your own independent space, then use screens, sliding doors or sliding doors in the living room instead of the original closed partition wall to make the wall “living” and make the overall space accessible. Permeability.

Simple and small furniture

Designers believe that small-sized furniture must be taken into account when designing, how to separate the functions of the living room in a limited space, as well as internal connections, without feeling crowded. This depends to a large extent on furniture. The form and size.

Simple style, light texture, small and exquisite furniture, especially those that can be freely assembled, disassembled and stored are more suitable for small-sized units. Or choose a furniture that covers a small area and is relatively high, which can accommodate a large number of items without wasting space. For example, in the study room furniture, it is necessary to put down a computer desk in a small room, and to add a large bookcase or bookcase is a bit crowded. Therefore, when choosing a room, it is of course necessary to choose an overall study with a communicative function. Can also consider some of the multifunctional furniture, such as a sofa bed, good day is a sofa, open at night is a bed, the guests do not worry about living in the family.

The windows do not need to be “decorated”, with less heavy curtains and more thin curtains; on the wall opposite the window, a large mirror can be installed to expand the room’s view and increase the three-dimensionality; the same wallpaper is used in the bedroom and hallway to make The room was large; it made full use of the dead corner of the bedroom and furnished small furniture.

Less accessories and exquisite

In terms of decoration, small-family homes do not try to decorate as much as possible, and they must have a unified element within each functional area. Because the house is small, the jewelry is less and more refined. The furnishings must be focused, orderly, and have too many things to make people feel annoyed. The windows do not need to be decorated, and less heavy curtains are used. The shades of the curtains must be coordinated with the decoration of the entire room, and the thin metal strips are used to cover the curtains. If the bedroom is small, it is best not to use large curtains. The same wallpaper is used in the kitchen, bedroom and hallway to make the room appear spacious.

For example, transparent glass replaces the partition wall between the kitchen and the bathroom; the wall on the back of the restaurant is accompanied by a mirror to increase the brightness, which is not only small and fine, but also very modern and open. The small room will be full of romance. Mood.

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