The concept, use, and classification of pumps

A pump is the pump defined <br> <br> the prime mover mechanical energy into fluid energy machine. Pumps are used to increase the liquid's potential energy, pressure energy, or kinetic energy (high-speed liquid energy). It is usually the prime mover (motor, diesel engine) that drives the impeller through the pump shaft to rotate the liquid and work its energy to increase its energy, so that the required amount of liquid is transported from the suction tank to the required height or requirement via the pump's flow-through part. Place of stress.

Second, the pump uses a lot of <br> <br> pump is a versatile machine, kind, highly versatile, it can be said in all sectors in the national economy, where there are liquid flow, there is a pump at work, in addition, the pump It has also been widely used in rocket fuel supply and boat propulsion.

Third, the classification of the pump

As an important general-purpose machine, the pump can be traced back to the 17th century BC. The chain pumps in Egypt and the water mills in China in the 1st century AD, after several thousand years of development, the pump technology has developed to a very high level. As many as 5,000 kinds of pumps are available, and there are 2,200 kinds of domestic pumps.

With so many pumps, professional divisions are classified according to the pump's working principle and characteristics.


Blade pump

Centrifugal pump

Single-stage pump, multi-stage pump; single suction pump, double suction pump; volute pump, sectional pump; vertical pump, horizontal pump; self-priming pump, submersible pump, submerged pump, high-speed pump; magnetic force Pump, shielded pump.

Mixed flow pump

Axial flow pump

Whirlpool pump

Tangential flow pump

Volumetric pump

Reciprocating pump

(Piston type, plunger type) steam double acting (single cylinder, double cylinder), electric reciprocating type - single acting (single cylinder, double cylinder)

Rotor pump

Screw type (single, double, triple screw), gear type (internal gear, external gear), recirculating piston type (internal flow, external loop), sliding vane type, cam type, axial piston type, radial piston type

Other types of pumps

Jet pump, gas lift pump, water hammer pump, electromagnetic pump, water wheel pump, etc.

Table 1: Classification of Pumps

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