Scientists have succeeded in creating "glass" from metal

According to a report on the "Daily Science" website, material scientists have long been exploring the use of pure, monoatomic metals to make "glass." Scott X. Mao, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh's William Kepler Whiteford Chair, has completed this “feature.”

Material scientists have been exploring the use of pure, monoatomic metals to make "glass."

This study is entitled "Formation of Monoatomic Metallic Glasses Through Ultrafast Liquid Quenching", published in the "Nature" website.

Professor Mao mentioned: “People have been exploring this issue for a long time, but no one has found the answer. People believe it can be done, but we are now turning it into a reality.”

Metallic glass is very special, their structure is not transparent (because the main body is metal), atoms are arranged randomly. This material has a wide range of commercial uses because of its high strength and its simple manufacturing process.

The process invented by Professor Mao involves a new technology, nanoscopic condensation under an in-situ projection electron microscope, which is the key to the success of this research.

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