The new cost of the platform was increased after the decoration year or rose by 15%

The cost of the new sign-up table rose 15% after the decoration year It is reported that this year's home improvement industry will be issued by the specification including "home furniture industry operating service standards", "residential interior decoration project quality acceptance specification", "household home decoration quality acceptance standards 2013" and "home room cabling design guidelines." "After the introduction of the new regulations, the company's construction technology, details and quality requirements and other aspects of the increase, renovation costs will certainly be adjusted." Jiahe decorative brand operations center sources revealed that after the Spring Festival, Wuhan renovation costs will be adjusted overall 5%-15%.

The person in charge of the decoration of Australia and China revealed that although the national economic situation has a great influence on the entire decoration industry, since last year, raw materials and labor costs have risen sharply. Upgrading of renovation costs is an inevitable trend. He revealed that last year, the average increase in labor costs was as high as 50%, and the cement worker's wages rose from 200 yuan to 300 yuan a day.

A packaging company designer told us that last year, the prices of raw materials such as paints and plates rose by about 10% year-on-year, while those of cement, sand, and coatings also increased by about 10% year-on-year. Even if there is no new regulation, the annual price increase of 10%-15% has become a practice in the home improvement industry.

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