Shijiazhuang will monitor the entire passenger car

Shijiazhuang will monitor the entire passenger car At the 2013 Spring Festival road transportation work conference in Shijiazhuang city, which was held on January 20, it was reported that during the Spring Festival season, the city required transport companies to conduct dynamic monitoring of the entire process of vehicles, and promptly corrected violations such as speeding and overloading to ensure safety during the Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival of 2013 will begin on January 26 and end on March 6 for a total of 40 days. According to forecasts, passenger traffic during the Spring Festival in Shijiazhuang will increase slightly this year compared to last year and is expected to reach 5.5 million passengers, an increase of about 3% compared with the same period of last year.

According to reports, before January 26th, Shijiazhuang will conduct a safety inspection on all vehicles participating in the Spring Festival, and retired the relevant vehicle licenses for substandard vehicles, and forbid the vehicles whose safety and technical conditions do not meet the requirements to participate in the Spring Festival. All vehicles participating in the Spring Festival must go through a comprehensive technical performance test at the vehicle comprehensive performance inspection station. If the test is qualified, the "2013 Spring Pass" issued by the Provincial Transport Bureau will be issued. Vehicles that do not meet the requirements of the vehicle's technical condition or have incomplete operating licenses and vehicles that have not passed the 2013 annual inspection mark shall not be allowed to participate in the Spring Festival.

In order to cope with unexpected weather conditions, sudden unexpected increase in passenger flow, and guarantee the circulation of important goods and commodities, Shijiazhuang will arrange emergency backup for not less than 50 intact buses and 100 intact trucks.

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