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Controlled atmosphere heat treatment furnace in the bearing profession

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-01-21

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First, the use of scale for bearings, chains, pins, fasteners, small mechanical parts of shallow carburizing, carbonitriding, bright quenching.
Second, the basic composition of the feed organization, heating furnace, quenching tank, cleaning machine, tempering furnace and other components.
Third, the heating furnace layout features 1, radiant tube heating; finish on the workpiece double-sided heating; greatly improved heating power and furnace temperature uniformity.
2, the use of lightweight impervious full fiber lining; than the anti-seepage brick lining power saving about 30%.
3, heat-resistant steel mesh belt driven by rotating rollers; reduce wear; improve service life.
4. The key components of the control are imported products; the overall reliability of the equipment is greatly improved.
5, for the safety of improved products; added a security alarm system and mechanical interlocking equipment.
6. The man-machine dialogue operation interface of the whole Chinese dialect; reflecting the full operating status of the equipment; various process parameters can be compiled and corrected.
Fourth, the quenching trough layout features 1, quenching tank equipment has frequency conversion speed oil mixer; can greatly reduce the workpiece quenching deformation.
2, high-power cooling can be air-cooled heat exchanger; improve the safety of equipment.
3. Closed leaker; reduce oxidation and decarburization of the workpiece.
4, with oil curtain; cut the soot into the heating room.
Five, the layout of the clearing machine features 1, double tank and two liquids to clear; there are liquid level alarm and active rehydration equipment.
2, special oil and water separator; rotary spray nozzle; good scrubbing effect.
3, clear the end into the electric drying room for drying.
Sixth, tempering furnace equipment features 1, the top into the cluster type electric heating tube; durable. Protection and convenience.
2. The mesh belt is tumbled on the rail plane; the service life is improved.
3. Equipment has exhaust pipe and oil water discharge pipe; reduce environmental pollution and improve product quality.
4, equipped with digital PID temperature controller; high precision control.
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The registered trademark name, Hastelloy, is applied as the prefix name to more than twenty different highly corrosion resistant metal alloys produced by Haynes International, Inc. Thesesuperalloys, or high performance alloys, developed by Haynes International, are nickel-based steel alloys that exhibit traits that include high resistance to uniform attack, localized corrosion/oxidation resistance, stress corrosion cracking resistance and ease of welding and fabrication.

Alloys of identical chemical and mechanical properties are available from other manufacturers and offer excellent alternatives to the various Hastelloy® brand alloys.

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What are the Characteristics of Hastelloy ?

High resistance to uniform attack
Outstanding localized corrosion resistance
Excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance
Good resistance to acids such as sulfuric, nitric, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric and chromic
Ease of welding and fabrication
High resistance to oxidation at elevated temperatures

In what Applications are Hastelloy alloys used ?

Chemical Processing Industry
Oil and gas production
Components where exposure to high mechanical stress and sea water are required
Components exposed to flue gas or flue gas desulfurization plants

Superalloys, also known as high performance alloys, have become the steel of choice for corrosion resistance and versatility.

*Hastelloy® is a registered trademark of Haynes International, Inc.

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