Fujian Renovates Unlicensed Kindergarten Efforts to Protect Campus Security

Fujian Renovates Unlicensed Kindergarten Efforts to Protect Campus Security Fujian emphasized that all localities should implement classified guidance and classify the special management of unlicensed kindergartens.

In response to the recent incidents involving the safety of school buses for unlicensed kindergartens in Jiangxi and Henan, and the incidents involving criminals breaking into the campus, the Fujian Provincial Department of Education recently issued a notice requiring all localities to further strengthen the special treatment of unlicensed kindergartens and effectively implement various measures for campus safety precautions. To ensure that every school and kindergarten is under management, watched, patrolled, and guarded.

For unlicensed kindergartens that lack the basic conditions for running a business school, there are potential safety hazards and they must be resolutely banned by the fire protection and other departments. For unlicensed kindergartens that have the potential to set up a kindergarten or are planning to establish a kindergarten, they need to intervene for the first time to stop construction. For the rectification of fire, health, and education requirements, the permit for the establishment of the park must be promptly handled.

Fujian requires that education departments in all localities instruct all local primary and secondary schools and kindergartens to implement the deployment of campus security personnel and security facilities and equipment, and implement internal security management systems such as guards, duty shifts, and patrols. At the same time, schools across the country are required to join forces, transportation, and other related departments to carry out investigations and rectifications of student road traffic safety, and adopt methods of subarea collection and lump summarization to carry out comprehensive investigations and investigations of students’ traffic conditions to and from school, strengthen school bus safety inspection and inspection, and ensure that students ride. The school bus has a good condition, the driver is qualified, the road section is safe, and the driving is legal. In particular, it is necessary to strengthen the investigation and rectification of safety hazards in Linya, Linshui section, traffic complex roads, and rain and snow, etc., and prohibit the use of illegal vehicles to pick up students.

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