Oak feature

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Oak is widely used in decorative materials and furniture, in its excellent material properties: oak hard and hard texture straight, thick structure, light color and elegant texture, high mechanical strength, wear resistance, but wood is not easy to dry sawing and cutting. A large number of oak is used in decorative materials, furniture materials, sports equipment, shipbuilding materials, vehicle materials, flooring materials, and the like. The slice of white oak and red oak is also the ideal material for the production of laminated plywood. The pattern also has the difference between straight and horizontal stripes. The straight lines are more beautiful and the price is slightly more expensive.

Up to 10,000 yuan / cubic meter, causing speculation in some operators, in the market there has been the case of rubber wood called oak, rubber wood sofa called oak sofa, the result of consumers being brought to court to compensate. The rubber wood is a genus of the rubber tree, which is made of rubber. It is made of rubber, but its material is poor. However, after a certain chemical treatment, the wood is hardened and can also be used for furniture, but after all, the oak is wind, horse, and cow. The two varieties are related, and they are not in a grade at all.

We provide these beautiful and different types of finials, hope can create your artistic home.

1) Pole dia:5mm,7 mm,8mm,10 mm,13mm,16mm,19mm,22mm,25 mm,25.4mm,28mm,30 mm,35mm, 57mm, 30 mm X15 mm almost all diameter range from 4 mm -60mm we can produce.

2) Pole type: Plain pole, twist pole, reeded pole, oval pole, nodulated pole, snakeskin pole, cane pole, hexagon pole.

3) Extendable pole: 5/7 mm,8/10mm ,13/16 mm ,16/19 mm
19/22 mm, 22/25 mm, 25/28 mm,32/35 mm;

4) Finial material: aluminum-alloy,zinc-alloy,steel,plastic.

5) Finish :plating, powder and paint.

6) Color:as per customer's requests;(satin nickel, antique brass, antique copper, antique white, brown, chrome, bright nickel, gold, matt chrome, rust, black gold and so on)

7) Packing:PET/PVC clear box ;Blister with card,double blister;
Shrink film or color boxes;

We can make all kinds of Curtain Pole/ finials/brackets/ring/holdback;OEM orders are welcome and custom packing is available.

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