Rape science boron application technology

1. Foliar application. Since boron is the most difficult element to move in the plant, the effect of spraying boron on the foliage is the best. The test results show that the key period of boron application is seedling stage, flood season and flowering stage. Before transplanting rapeseed, transplanting and returning to green, after flooding and beginning flowering period, 100g of borax per 100km of water is used for 100kg of water. Spray. Although the rapeseed "flowers are not real" occurs after flowering, it is better to spray the boron fertilizer on the foliar surface. For example, if there is no boron spray during the seedling stage and the flood season, spraying the boron fertilizer at the flowering stage is only a remedy for increasing the yield. The spraying time should be selected before and after the sunny day, and the morning dew is not dry, the air is dry at noon and the wind is not suitable for spraying. If it is raining within 6 hours after spraying, it should be re-sprayed.
2, base fertilizer. In soils with an effective boron content of less than 0.0005 ,, the suitable amount of borax is 1 kg per 667 square meters; for soils with an effective boron content of 0.0005 ‰ to 0.001 ,, the suitable amount of borax is 0.5 kg per 667 square meters; It is not advisable to apply boron fertilizer to 0.001 土壤 soil to avoid boron damage. The application method is to mix and apply borax per 667 square meters with 1000 kg of sieved dry fine soil or soil fertilizer, and then apply as base fertilizer.
3, roots. When transplanting rapeseed, the roots and greening of rapeseed can be promoted by rooting with 0.1% borax.
4, rapeseed balanced fertilization special fertilizer. The balanced fertilization special fertilizer is a comprehensive application of modern agricultural science and technology achievements. According to crop fertilizer requirements, soil fertility performance and fertilizer effect, under the conditions of organic fertilizer, the appropriate dosage of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium or trace element fertilizer is proposed before birth. And proportion and corresponding fertilization techniques. The technology combines soil testing-formulation-production formula fertilizer-fertilization technical guidance, so that farmers can obtain scientific fertilization technology while purchasing fertilizer. The promotion of this materialization technology not only simplifies the operation procedures of farmers, but also strengthens The promotion of balanced fertilization technology. The special fertilizer for rapeseed balanced fertilization is a highly targeted special formula fertilizer developed according to the physiological fertilizer characteristics of rapeseed, target yield and the content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements in different soils. According to the results of multi-soil and multi-point experiments, the three elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the balanced fertilization of rapeseed in Hunan Province and borax are preferably nitrogen: phosphorus: potassium: boron = 12:8:5:1.
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