Investigation and Analysis of the Development Trend of Bathroom Industry 2012 Market

The sanitary ware industry has faced many challenges in the influence of the butterfly effect of the property market's regulation and control policy and many unfavorable interferences in the financial environment at home and abroad. The sanitary ware industry has revealed some information different from the property market.

The sanitary ware industry still develops well in the downturn of the property market, and it seems that it has not been affected much. Domestic domestic predators have successively entered Kunming, which is undoubtedly a sign that merchants are very optimistic about the Kunming market. At the same time, the opening of new stores in various hypermarkets has added a lot of vitality to the entire industry. However, the smell of gunpowder in the sanitary ware industry has gradually become stronger.

The reason why the sanitary ware industry is not affected by the regulation and control of the property market is that the rigid demand of the market is still strong. The intensity of the country’s urbanization and construction has continued to increase. The “village in city reconstruction” in Kunming city is in full swing, which is a great opportunity for the sanitary ware industry. It is precisely with such an opportunity for a large environmental opportunity that the industry has emerged with a different vitality than the property market. Therefore, the country's macro-control of the property market has a certain impact on the sanitary ware industry.

The booming market demand in the sanitary ware industry directly leads to fierce competition among businesses. Therefore, the sanitary ware market is also bound to face "shuffle." The successive entry of home predators is not simply a change in marketing models and an increase in the number of stores, but competition in brand influence, credibility, reputation, and even market share. The basic needs of customers for bath products will always be high quality and low price, and excellent quality. The possession of the market is to satisfy the customer's consumption process. In this complex process, the weaker is weaker and the stronger is stronger. The final situation may be that several large stores and brands will occupy a large share of the entire bathroom market.

TOTO's products entered the Kunming market in 1998. After three years of growth, it has become the brand with the highest market share and reputation in the bathroom industry in Kunming from 2001 to the present. Therefore, TOTO is relatively representative and authoritative. TOTO products have sales outlets in major home stores in Kunming, and the sales volume of the products has increased slightly compared to the same period last year. Among them, Dashanghui’s sales have been particularly prominent. Through market feedback data analysis, the downturn in the property market has not brought too much resistance to sales of its products.

The overall situation of the sanitary ware industry is developing well. The International Building Materials Expo Center will soon be completed. The scale of the industry and the clustering will be unavoidable. The situation of Ebb Tide after competition will also appear. By then, the rest of the sanitary ware market will also be an excellent brand with good quality, reasonable price and good service.

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