How to face the trend of online consumer youth in home shopping mall

Following the successful completion of the "double 11" promotion war of Taobao, the "Double Twelve Peoples Raving" campaign set a new record for China's online sales. On December 12th, a total of 120 million users spent on Taobao, almost catching up with the tenth of the country's total population. one. In the analysis of these consumer groups, we can clearly find that young people occupy a major proportion of online shopping. And from the previous data analysis, the trend of youthfulness has long been an important feature of China's online shopping consumer groups. (According to the 2010 China Online Consumer Group Analysis Survey Report, nearly half of China’s online shopping consumer groups are small white-collar workers and college students who have just taken up jobs. The average age is between 18 and 24, accounting for 42.5% of the total. And nearly half of the middle class is the mainstream of society, with an average age of 25 to 33 years, accounting for 42.7% of the total.)

What kind of methods should be used to meet the needs of these consumers in the home industry that has just entered e-commerce? This will be analyzed from the characteristics of these consumer groups:

First of all, product diversification is an important means of attracting young consumers. Young people aged between 18 and 33 belong to the "8090" generation. They grew up in a carefree and livelihood environment and have a very personal outlook on consumption. demand. They like unconventional and unique, so only diversified and personalized products can meet this group.

Secondly, green consumerism has become a young consumer. The fashion younger generation has grown up with the rise of China’s industrialization. They have witnessed the fresh air of childhood becoming more and more dirty, the rivers increasingly becoming full of garbage, and at the same time abroad. The popularity of the concept of environmental protection has also made people aware of the important impact of environmental protection on health. Under the baptism of Chinese and foreign cultures, many young people have become practitioners of the concept of green environmental protection. In the contemporary furniture industry in China, “formaldehyde door” has become increasingly popular. Consumers are increasingly demanding green furniture. In this regard, the main push green home environmental protection furniture special emphasis on shopping malls, "For example, home shopping mall selected red apple furniture is known for the environmental protection of the industry's well-known green brand." Anju Mall staff said.

Finally, value-added consumption provides personalized services not only for personalized products, but also for young people who have their own understanding of personalized services. With more and more homogenous competition, the ordinary service model has not attracted the attention of the young consumer groups. Only the e-commerce service model that combines the current Internet trends and young people's spending habits can make it quite “critical”. Young consumers "light up."

For home e-commerce, under the premise that the quality of products has been secured, improving the user's buying experience has become an important way to attract young consumers. On the road to explore the user experience model, Aju Mall has given users a surprise. Anju Mall combines the advantages of 3D high-tech technology with the characteristics of the traditional furniture industry and the real estate industry. It has developed a user experience model that can demonstrate the effect of placing 3D furniture in vivid and realistic 3D units. Many young consumers are saved many of the troubles of decorating and buying furniture, and the entire experience process is designed to be as fun as playing online games and is favored by a large number of young consumers.

Of course, China's home e-commerce is still proceeding at an alarming rate. Therefore, we may wish to expect that in the future, younger consumers will get more unexpected consumer experiences.

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