How to extend the service life of mahogany furniture

Although mahogany furniture is durable, it must be used reasonably and properly maintained to extend its service life.

First, pay attention to stay away from heat sources when placing furniture, at least about 1 meter. The mahogany furniture is too close to the heat source, which will quickly cause the moisture in the furniture wood to evaporate too much, causing the seams and shackles of the furniture to shrink, causing deformation and cracking of the panel. Therefore, it is best to wipe the beeswax on the back and inside of the furniture.

Second, indoors increase the humidity as much as possible. If you often wipe the floor with a damp cloth or use a humidifier or fish, this is good for both people and furniture.

Third, the placement of mahogany furniture should be flat and flat, not the four legs are not on a flat surface. The whole furniture should be perpendicular to the ground, otherwise it will easily cause deformation of the whole furniture and the door, etc., eventually causing seam opening and shortening the service life of the furniture.

4. Do not use a damp cloth to wipe the furniture dust. The surface of the furniture should be gently rubbed off and then wiped with a dry cotton cloth to prevent particles from damaging the surface of the furniture.

Fifth, when the furniture moves, it is best to move and move, do not pull hard, otherwise it will easily cause the lower end of the leg and leg.

Sixth, furniture with drawers, it is recommended to drop a few drops of wax on the bottom of the drawer or the drawer, which will reduce friction and extend the life of the furniture.

Seven, mahogany furniture is best not to be placed directly next to high humidity objects.

New mahogany furniture sometimes makes a sudden noise. As long as the maintenance is done according to the above requirements, there will be no problem. The sound is caused by the normal phenomenon caused by the shrinkage of the furniture panel. After the furniture has been used for one winter, the factory can be repaired and restored to restore its new look.

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