Haier Yang Li Geng: Home appliance e-commerce is the outbreak in 2016

Recently, the reporter interviewed Yang Ligeng, CEO of Haier E-commerce at the 9th Annual Online Retail Conference. He said that Haier has been doing e-commerce for almost four years and has experienced many tests in the middle. Home appliances as e-commerce, started in 12 years, 13 years of development, Yang Ligeng believes that 2016 is an outbreak. By 2015, the volume will become very interesting.

Q: How do you determine the needs of the consumer group at the beginning?

Yang Ligeng: Xiaomi thinks about the needs of consumers very well. This is not something that comes out. Of course, there are geniuses like Jobs, but not everyone is a genius. They understand the different needs of consumers. A product comes out and needs to be focused. If you want to catch it, you still have to try it wrong.

Q: Haier was originally a traditional enterprise. What changes have been made to adapt to e-commerce?

Yang Ligeng: The important thing is the change of concept. Externally, we are an independent company, doing this relatively independently, giving new business new teams more flexibility. From a grassroots perspective, I think this is a big team of systems. Especially when the manufacturing industry is doing e-commerce, the core thinking can't be seen or not. When you operate, you only have conceptual changes, and there are such teams to match. When faced with a specific problem, you can give it. Meet the needs of current marketing.

Question: Please tell us about the specific operation of e-commerce, for example, in terms of products or manpower?

Yang Ligeng: Up to now, Haier has launched a series of technology products full of Internet thinking, such as Haier smart ovens, no-clean washing machines and other subversive products. These are all interacted through through continuous interaction with the user. In the Internet age, users' needs are becoming more and more personalized and more diverse. So it is very challenging for every brand. How to continuously interact with users to meet their needs is the most critical. When it comes to how to do e-commerce, we have been doing electricity for almost 4 years. The seller has been an e-commerce company. It started in 12 years and developed in 13 years, but I think 16 years is an outbreak. Next year, the amount will become very interesting.

Q: Are there any new changes in logistics transportation this year, are there any innovative actions?

Yang Ligeng: The logistics industry has done a lot of basic innovations this year, emphasizing a few things, for example, three hours can be sent to the home, once we have made a test ourselves, promised three hours of delivery, and can not get all the exemptions. Of course, it can be delivered under normal circumstances, because we know the normal order rhythm, but what you can't think of is that there are more than 300 orders from 2 to 6 in the morning, isn't it a three-hour delivery? The goods bought at 2 o'clock, delivered before 5 o'clock, anyway, he does not sleep, I don't sleep, the result is that there are really seven singles in the 300 list, we will lose all the seven users, that is, free of charge . Two years ago, our orders were based on the division of cities in the 1-6 line. The sixth-tier cities were villages, the townships were 5 lines, and the sales of 4-6 lines accounted for more than 46%. Everyone said that the channels were sinking. We are sinking directly at the bottom, so to say that, the ability to do without logistics is impossible. In terms of service, in addition to cash on delivery, we really realized the payment after two days, sent to the home, including the countryside, and then installed it for you to experience.

Q: How is the three-hour delivery done? What support is there for the backend?

Yang Ligeng: The supply chain is very important. We combine the supply chain and logistics front-end delivery, including front-end operation marketing. Marketing is a lot of talk, and I will talk about the back-end. Logistics also has to talk about other strategies. We have to send the goods to our home. If you have a lot of goods to go to thousands of households, you have time and cost. You must first put them in a certain place, but where to put them, If you put it too scattered, how much you put in, this time from the front-end forecast, to the supply chain supply, to the middle of the multi-level inventory network, which contains too much. There are too many e-commerce companies to burn money. A lot of stocks are too much. They can make everything healthy, continuous and smooth. The supply chain is guaranteed. Can anyone tell me what your inventory is? The inventory can be done for 25 days. In fact, the back end needs to support a lot. In addition to the original infrastructure, it also includes professionals, to build a lot of data models, and to build predictive models. In fact, online and offline, we must know the past to know the future.

Q: Is personal customization still costly?

Yang Ligeng: We can do it at a low cost. When I really make all the supply chain networks really smooth, as a brand, if I sell the same goods, why consumers don’t go to Jingdong to buy them, they are all the same things, they are Haier’s products, they must pass Products, supply chain, upstream and downstream links form a smooth process, and we can bring consumers the products and services they really need.

Q: How do you interact with consumers?

Yang Ligeng: Do you have bought home appliances online? (Buy small appliances) may not be more likely to buy, for example, Jingdong, suppose you bought a brand of air conditioner, the next day to send you very fast, the result Wait a minute, the deliveryman doesn't leave, who is the one to install, well, you can call this brand. We are finished with a shipping package. At that time, I found that consumers still felt that they were not enough. Nowadays young people, you are not doing well, I am doing well, this is what we are now for young consumers, even after 90s, even now 95 consumers are like this, after sharing In the era, their concept of consumption has been with the previous ones, and everything has become a participant, including young people like you. Haier hopes to use it for me at any time. When not in use, I recommend it to others. This time is not only a product, but The process of consumption has also become like this: I want to participate. Based on such an idea, we have done an activity in Double Eleven: let consumers participate, and launch an activity to submit good marketing proposals in Tmall's forums, contacts, and micro-tao social forums. About 20,000 people participated in the event, and about 350 proposals were generated. From this, a proposal was selected. Everyone voted and finally decided five plans. We even invited these five people to Haier headquarters, and the marketing plan for the double eleven day. It’s all done by these people, and the effect is very good.

Q: Is there any part of the supply chain system that is specifically built around the channel?

Yang Ligeng: There is no special target. The Internet is in the front. After the completion of the project, the program will be used online. There is no special mention that only one is available. For example, the supply chain system is only used for the line.

Q: What kind of products are consumers interested in, and what is the experience gained through trial and error?

Yang Ligeng: Consumers need the most cost-effective. Consumers want to get benefits, this is for sure. I mean that what consumers use, it is difficult for you to tell him that it is better to establish a system, quick response, and quick trial and error. Only this system is the safest. Because the consumer changes too fast, you represent a consumer, they represent another consumer, and now the younger child represents another consumer, there is no need to buy electricity in Japan, why should I have a refrigerator, I want It's not a refrigerator. I want fresh food. So consumers, I personally think it's dangerous to try to follow a thing. It's better to have a system that quickly reflects and constantly supports.

In this respect, Ali is actually based on the accumulation of data, and the system I just talked about, from the front-end and the middle, to the construction of a system behind the supply chain, in this build, the accumulation of data, the construction of the process , modeling and constant verification. The rest of you will go to work hard.

In the future smart products, we can do a completely personalized production of refrigerators, in fact, you have to do one thing, the cost of setting up the film opening production line is very large, this time assumes a personalized thing, my input cost is hundreds of pieces. Then you are dead. Enterprises sometimes have to continue to make profits, not only that I am just to make a profit, we must continue to have a commitment to the original consumers, and there are too many changes in the model that will be discussed later. And just now, all the intelligence capabilities inside are still very weak. How to manage together in this area, including your service to consumers, will be a very important aspect.

Q: Is intelligence the intelligence of the product or the entire line?

Yang Ligeng: The whole line. What kind of products should have what kind of demand, how can I be in my supply chain, I assume that when I double eleven, I think there will be some traffic in our store, where are they from, I probably know this double ten How many people will come to my store, what will be bought, after the data is available, the whole system can not be said to push step by step. This is the intelligence of the system I am talking about, not just the intelligence of a product. All of our operations are very mature. We are partners with Jingdong and Tmall, because your data value is in the system, the data must be shared, and some integration, the value will become bigger and bigger.

In fact, I want to talk about one, the latter is the supply chain, one is based on many aspects of data-driven, I personally think that Haier will act in these two aspects in the future, e-commerce is no longer a simple move The online action is based on the smart supply chain of big data and is no longer a marketing company.

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