Floor grinding machine maintenance method

Floor grinding machine maintenance method Dongguan Liji floor grinding machine is a professional production and sales of grinding machine company, the company mainly produces R & D milling machine, grinding machine, smoothing machine, emery mixer, epoxy resin mixer, Knife, roller, and other flooring machinery products and customized various special-shaped machinery. We have always adhered to the business philosophy of "survive by quality", "development by honor" and "customer first", and provide high-quality services to our customers. Therefore, our company has won unanimous favorable comments from customers.
The daily maintenance work of Dongguan Liji floor polisher is done well. It can not only prolong the service life of the floor polisher, but also improve the work efficiency of the floor polisher, which is to save the machine cost. The following will go straight to the topic for everyone to explain the daily maintenance skills of floor polishing machine method / step to complete the work every day, to deal with the stone refurbished machine for routine cleaning, mainly on the waterproof cover, rubbing on the sticky ash to clean up, avoid under the influence of The use of a process to improve the efficiency of the next day.
Every week, a floor cleaning tank is cleaned to avoid clogging of the sewage filter.
Every time a site is completed, a routine inspection of the floor grinding machine is required. Fasten the screws connected to the machine and check if the screws on the bottom plate are loose.
If ground floor grinders often dry grinding, every second month, the cooling fan of the inverter needs to be cleaned regularly to change the gear oil. The new machine can be used for the first time after 6 months of normal replacement of gear oil, and will be replaced once a year. When using the machine, do not use excessively, otherwise it will cause some damage to the motor.

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