China's parking space lacks 50 million shared parking or becomes the next investment outlet

In June of this year, Wang Xiaogang, who worked for an Internet company in Beijing, set up his first car. This should have been a happy thing. I did not expect that the problem of parking difficulties that followed would become his "sweet troubles."

Wang Xiaogang’s residential area is relatively old, and the number of parking spaces is limited. And his home is in a remote location, and the nearest regular parking lot has to be 5 kilometers away. It is really inconvenient to go back and forth. The "black parking spaces" on the roadside are expensive and make him discouraged. "10 yuan for 1 hour, 5 yuan for more than 1 hour, and tens of dollars for a night!"

“It’s not just that parking in our community is difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to go out and eat a meal to find a parking space.” Wang Xiaogang said that he now regrets buying a car.

In recent years, the number of car ownership in China has been increasing, resulting in an increasingly scarce city parking space. On June 9, Tsinghua Tongheng Planning Institute and China Urban Public Transportation Association released the "2016 Whiteboard for Parking Industry Development" (hereinafter referred to as "White Paper"), showing that in 2016, Beijing's car ownership was 5.48 million, but parking spaces There are only 1.93 million, with an average of 2.84 vehicles sharing a parking space, with a parking space gap of 3.55 million.

In the era of mobile Internet, the field of travel has become the most concentrated area of ​​disruptive innovation. After the network is about car, sharing car rental, sharing bicycles, can the problem of parking difficulties that have long plagued people be partially solved through the “shared” model? A few days ago, the "Workers Daily" reporter conducted an investigation.

Share parking or become the next investment outlet

According to data released by the National Development and Reform Commission, the ratio of cars to parking spaces in large cities in China is about 1:0.8, that of small and medium-sized cities is about 1:0.5, while that in developed countries is about 1:1.3. The proportion of urban parking spaces is seriously low, conservative. It is estimated that there are more than 50 million parking spaces in China.

In order to alleviate the difficulty of parking, Beijing, Wuhan and other cities have introduced three-dimensional garages, but the results have been minimal. Beijing resident Li Cunxin told reporters that his work in the South Road Community had set up a three-dimensional garage more than 10 years ago, but it has now been abandoned. He said that the three-dimensional parking space is more expensive, the parking is troublesome, and it takes a lot of time to pick up the car. Many people do not want to use it. In addition, the cost of maintenance and repair of the three-dimensional parking space is also high.

A few days ago, the relevant person in charge of the Legal Department of the Beijing Municipal Communications Commission said that it encourages institutions, enterprises and institutions to open parking spaces at the wrong time, and encourages individuals to take out their unused parking spaces and use them for others, the so-called "carpooling spaces".

It is reported that many companies have now targeted the shared parking. According to the White Paper, parking consumption in 2016 was 400 billion yuan, and the investment in the parking industry was nearly 17 trillion yuan. Among them, at the end of 2016, the number of public parking lots in Shanghai shared parking AAP exceeded 2,100, sharing parking or becoming the next investment entrant.

According to He Yuefeng, general manager of Shanghai Xiaomazhi Stop IoT Technology Co., Ltd., the so-called shared parking mode is based on geographical location and realizes the nearby shared parking through the Internet. The owner of the parking space can share his free time parking space to the APP management software for time-sharing, increase the income, and be convenient for the owners around; the residential property or parking management company can also use the APP management software to carry out safe and efficient parking space rental management.

“Shared parking breaks the asymmetry of information, and users can easily see the situation of idle parking spaces around them, so as to be targeted and meet the needs of peak parking.” He Yuefeng said.

It is reported that in addition to the precision docking parking demand, the shared parking mode is generally equipped with intelligent charging terminals. No need to pay for a person, automatic induction of the vehicle, intelligent payment of parking fees. And the matching APP can display the parking position at any time and enhance the safety of parking. An insider told reporters that the overall utilization rate of urban parking lots is less than 50%, and the development space for shared parking in the future is still very large.

Is “shared parking” reliable?

The reporter's investigation found that shared parking had been cold in some places. In September last year, the 7th Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Communications, including the Housing Construction Committee and the Municipal Education Commission, issued the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Sharing and Utilization of Parking Resources in the City” to allow business districts, government units, hospitals, etc. to open to surrounding residents at night. Parking spaces to alleviate the difficulty of parking at night. However, the actual situation is that the acceptance of residents is generally not high, and the occupancy rate is only 30%.

Many owners are worried that when they rent out their parking spaces, they will be inconvenienced when they are waiting for their parking. In this regard, He Yuefeng said that the owner can set the time for sharing the parking space. After the user stops overtime, the system will increase the cost of parking per hour, thus forcing the overtime users to allow the parking space.

The user can find the right parking space by moving his finger on the APP. This seemingly "fool" operation is behind a powerful technical core. According to He Yuefeng, the requirements for shared parking for hardware and software are not low. Take Xiaoma Zhizhan as an example. Its smart parking lock has functions such as reserved parking space, precise navigation, reverse car search, and automatic settlement. “Every feature requires a powerful technology as an engine, and R&D costs are not small.”

To integrate parking space resources, it is necessary to open up government and community channels. According to industry insiders, shared parking is essentially a parking space information sharing platform, and a large amount of information is in the hands of the government and the community. Afterwards, we want to cooperate with the traffic control department to further open the parking space data, and the key to success lies in the active guidance of the government.

So, can shared parking solve the problem of parking difficulties? Professor Li Junhui from China University of Political Science and Law believes that shared parking can solve the demand for parking for some users. However, he admits that there are still some problems to be solved at this stage. "First of all, many residential facilities are old. If you want to intelligently manage parking spaces, you must upgrade the supporting hardware accordingly. This is a very urgent practical problem. Secondly, the number and size of shared parking spaces is a prerequisite for the shared parking spaces to function. If there are not enough parking spaces to share, the coverage area is not wide enough, and the convenience cannot be reflected."

Source: Workers Daily Reporter: Zhao Hang

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