Analysis of the principle of intelligent door lock fingerprint unlocking

Intelligent door locks Among the many unlocking methods, the highest safety factor is the fingerprint unlocking method. To use the fingerprint to unlock, just put your finger on the collection window, the intelligent system will automatically recognize the fingerprint, and the correct door will automatically open, which is very convenient. So, what is the principle of smart door lock fingerprint unlocking? Why does the fingerprint unlocking method become the highest safety unlocking method?

Smart door lock

Intelligent door lock fingerprint unlocking principle : the texture of the skin on the front of the finger end is uneven, and the fingerprint is part of the human skin. These lines are different in bifurcation, turning and breakpoints. They are called in information processing. "Feature points" have been medically proven to have different feature points for each of these fingers, and these feature points are unique and permanent. Therefore, we can associate a person with his fingerprint, and then verify the true identity by comparing the fingerprint features and pre-saved fingerprint features. Therefore, the above characteristics of the fingerprint become the most important evidence for identifying the identity and are widely used in many security protection fields.

How to unlock the smart door lock fingerprint : The regular arrangement of the skin on the front side of the human finger and the different lines of the lock are unlocked. The points formed by breakpoints, transitions or bifurcations in the fingerprint are the feature points, and these unique detail features provide the uniqueness of the fingerprint. The fingerprint recognition sensor records the direction of the fingerprint and digitizes it to form a unique key that can be unlocked.

Fingerprint unlocking fingerprint recognition sensitivity is one of the important indicators of smart door lock product performance and user experience, but in real life, fingerprint recognition is always susceptible to external factors. For example, if the finger has moisture or the humidity of the fingerprint collection window will cause fingerprint recognition to fail.

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