What are the precautions for kitchen renovation Feng Shui?

When designing the home decoration, I believe that each owner attaches great importance to the layout of every location in the home. Of course, the kitchen is no exception. The kitchen is a paradise for cooking, so the kitchen is not only beautiful when it is decorated. Pay attention to the layout of the kitchen feng shui. So what are the precautions for kitchen renovation Feng Shui?

First, the kitchen location

The kitchen has the function of suppressing the evil spirits. Therefore, it is beneficial to the occupants to place the kitchen in an insignificant or violent party. Therefore, Feng Shui teachers usually recommend that the kitchen be placed in the arrogance of the four murderous fires of the parents' life, and the yang of the arrogant and the murderous side will improve the feng shui. The kitchen should also be located in the back half of the home, as far as possible from the gate.

Second, kitchen utensils

Next, talk about the kitchen utensils in the kitchen. If it is useful to microwave or rice cooker, it should be placed in one of your four squares. The sockets for rice cookers and microwave ovens should also be located in Kyrgyzstan. The same principles apply to toasters and smoldering pots.

Third, yin and yang balance

As mentioned above, the kitchen is a situation in which the water and the fire are flushed, but if the two can be balanced and the situation of water and fire can be achieved, the harmony of the kitchen feng shui can be promoted. In the feng shui, the kitchen is defined as a yin area that stores food rather than the place that the whole family often uses. However, if the corner of the kitchen is used as a dining area, the yang of the kitchen can be increased to balance the yin and yang of the kitchen.

Four or five lines of life

The water vapor generated by the water tank is in conflict with the fire of the gas stove. Therefore, the gas stove cannot be hedged with a sink or a refrigerator. gas stove can not be so close by the sink. The stove should not be independent in the middle of the kitchen, because the center of the kitchen is too hot and can lead to family failure.  

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