The use of NSK bearings in machine-paired bearings

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The use of NSK bearings in machine-paired bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-06-03

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NSK all-in-one bearing is a special product. They can be installed in any way; they will not lose any function; and they can be combined in different positions. This feature is very important. Advantages in logistics; especially in the procurement and inventory handling of spare parts; bearings can be equipped according to the symbols on the surface of the outer ring.
NSK bearings are high-precision single-row angular touch ball bearings. The external dimensions have been standardized; therefore, they can be exchanged with other similar products on the market. NSK has the most sophisticated and comprehensive product range of high-precision bearings for machine tool spindles in the world; Represents the highest level of technical skill.
The use of NSK bearings in machine-paired bearings can supply all-round matched bearings for the description of all spindles on the market. Therefore, the selection of spindle bearings can satisfy most of the detailed requirements.
NSK versatile paired bearing touch shape; data selection; surface quality and smoothing agent feed characteristics have the following advantages:
High precision, high speed, high stiffness, outstanding shock resistance.
It should be emphasized that the selection calculation should also consider the failure mode of NSK bearings; there are also wear, smooth failure and fretting abrasion; the wear life is necessary to check; the other failure modes need to be considered if they are touched.
Paying attention to the expected fatigue life and wear life of NSK bearings is not only smooth; it is directly related to the sanitary level of the bearing parts of the bearing, the bearing itself, and the smoothing agent used in NSK bearings; it is also related to the way and function of sealing; The extra life of NSK bearings is necessary to match the smoothness, hygienic and sealing conditions provided; and improving these conditions can also improve the practical life of NSK bearings.
When thinking about load factors, we should pay attention to the bearing life is more sensitive to the load than the speed; therefore, regarding the multi-stage drive shaft; if it can; put a larger deceleration on the later stage, about the spindle bearing; if it can; Properly distribute the spacing between the external load point and the bearing fulcrum; strive to reduce the load on the spindle NSK bearing; and strive to achieve a smooth load on the spindle NSK bearing; prevent shock and oscillation; this requires the shape and orientation of the bearing part of the bearing The accuracy is high enough; the clearance and cooperation of the NSK bearing are selected correctly; the precision of the bearing device is outstanding.
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