Optional shed film must understand four indicators

    Whenever it was time to change, many farmers’ friends began to re-purchase the greenhouse film in their greenhouse. The quality of the shed film has a direct impact on the overall yield of vegetables, especially in low-temperature planting. Here, Xiaobian explains to you the following indicators for selecting shed film:

    First, pay attention to the ability of light transmission

    The light transmission performance has a direct impact on the light intensity and temperature of the greenhouse. In the winter with very low temperature or early spring planting, the light transmission performance is directly related to the success of vegetable cultivation.

    Second, cold insulation performance

    When replacing the film, use a film that is durable, high quality, high in thickness, and high in tensile strength. Covering this kind of shed film, the temperature in the shed in the deep winter can be 2 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees Celsius higher than that of the conventional shed film .

    Third, the strength of the tear

    The tear strength mainly refers to the transverse and longitudinal tensile strength of the film and its toughness. The shed film with a relatively high tear strength does not cause tearing or tearing of the heavy snow and strong wind in the winter and spring seasons.

    Fourth, the atomization performance is high

    When purchasing a shed film, try to choose a product with a good reputation and good reputation. You can't buy a new product that is not recognized by the market.

The shed film can be divided into a drop film and a drop film. The quality of the high-quality shed film is relatively good, and no fog droplets will form in the shed. When the humidity is relatively high, the water vapor will flow down the soil along with the shed film, and the anti-fog function is superior. Increase the thickness, strong toughness, and good fogging insulation film, which is the basic guarantee that vegetables can safely pass the winter.

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