Thermosensitive color temperature measurement

There are more and more methods for temperature testing in the industry. Currently, the most used products are mercury thermometers, infrared thermometers, thermocouples, and thermistors. This paper introduces a new method of temperature measurement - temperature sensitive color temperature measurement. A color change temperature patch is a product that changes color depending on the temperature of the object and thereby grasps the temperature change of the object.

1. advantage

(1) It is particularly suitable for parts that are not or difficult to measure with ordinary thermometers, external surfaces, and objects in a life-threatening environment. Temperature measurements such as transistors, integrated circuits, chemical reaction tanks, engine bearings, conductive busbars, switches, connectors, transformers, etc.

(2) It is convenient for inspection and inspection. If the temperature changes, it will cause color change. People can take measures to avoid accidents and prevent accidents.

(3) The product is light, easy to carry and easy to install. If you have a temperature-sensitive color-changing patch that is not glued, it is very convenient to use.

(4) It is more economical, and it saves costs compared to other temperature measuring tools when measuring the same number of temperature measuring points.

2. Color change mechanism

There are various mechanisms, not all of which are the same, but all of them undergo a series of chemical and physical changes after the object is heated, and the color of the reflected light changes due to the change of the molecular structure. For example, crystal transformation, sublimation, dehydration, oxidation, decomposition cause band shifting of light scattering.

3. Product classification

According to the color change, it is divided into single color change or multiple color change, which is reversible or irreversible. For example, liquid crystal color-changing products can change colors such as red, green, and blue in a specified small temperature range, and different colors correspond to different temperatures. As the temperature recovers, the color also recovers, belonging to the reversible multi-color series. And only one color change is a single color change series. Color irreversible is an irreversible series. In most industrial production, it is impossible for people to always be present at the temperature measurement site. It is necessary to observe by people's inspections. Such parts require irreversible color change temperature measurement products. Its color does not recover after it has warmed up, that is, it retains the color that has been overheated. Because it can record the over-temperature accident process and hidden dangers, it is favored by users. In some cases, people hope that both reversible and irreversible advantages are combined, so that products that can be reversed and recorded are also born.

4. Selection

In order to better select the temperature measurement standard that suits you, the general product specifications are 50°C, 55°C, 60°C, 65°C, 70°C, 75°C, 80°C, 85°C, 100°C, 120°C. Temperature measurement patches, as well as patches with higher or lower temperatures. In the part where the detection temperature standard has been clarified, in order to economically measure the temperature of the single temperature-temperature point white-red, the detection is relatively intuitive and obvious. If the observation distance is not far and the light is good, a 1.5cm XI.5m temperature measurement patch can be selected; if the observation distance is long and the light is not good, a larger size 3cm×3cm temperature measurement piece can be selected. A circular temperature measuring piece is also available. The available colors are not only white to red, but also yellow, green, black, etc.; if you want a wider temperature range, or do not determine the temperature measurement standard at the same time, you can use several temperature measurement patches at the same time. In order to distinguish different temperatures from each other, a difference in size or a different color or a different position may be used to express the difference in the color change temperature. For example, the YDX678 type or the 60°C white-black, 70°C white-green, and 80°C white-red patches are in the same part. After over-temperature, different colors indicate different temperatures; 70°C can also be used. 2cmX2cm, small piece white to red temperature measuring piece, 80°C3cmX3cm large piece white to red combination means two kinds of temperature; also can choose random cutting type white to red type patch, different temperature with scissors to cut into different types that you can recognize, To indicate the difference in temperature.

5. Use points

(l) Correct use

In the preservation, it is necessary to avoid scraping, scratching, folding or high temperature. If you are unfamiliar, you can use a small knife to shovel it. Do not smash and avoid damage. The temperature measurement part should be relatively clean, preferably cleaned with gasoline or other solvents, or wiped once, so that it can be firmly attached. When it is attached to a place that can be stained with oil or water, it should be covered with a large piece of transparent tape on the temperature measuring patch to protect it, or use a temperature-measuring patch with a protective film, which has strong oil resistance. Waterproof and anti-fouling function (the white film part of the temperature measuring patch can be discolored if it is directly protected from certain liquids if it is not protected by a protective layer).

(2) measured color temperature point
The color-changing temperature-measuring patch has been strictly tested at the time of manufacture. Temperature point error 1 ~ 2 ° C. In order to facilitate some users to test their own, here is a simple and accurate test method. Look for a large can, such as a can of porridge. Put a temperature measuring patch of various temperatures on the outer wall in turn, pour a small amount of cold water, insert a thermometer, prepare a pot of boiling water, and start testing. Pour a small amount of boiling water first. In order to make the temperature of the water uniform, stir it with a thermometer. As the water temperature rises and the thermometer value rises to the color change temperature, the temperature of the temperature-measuring patch corresponding to the temperature can be seen.

(3) Service life

In theory, after the temperature measurement patch is attached to the temperature measurement part, it can be used for 2 to 3 years or even longer as long as it is not overheated. Considering that the industrial site is more complicated, it is stipulated that as long as the temperature measurement patch is used under normal temperature conditions, the white color is not overheated and can be used for 2 years. It is best to change the temperature every year for accurate temperature measurement. Patches that have been over-temperature-changed should be replaced in time for repair.

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