Summer peppers should also do sun protection work

Chicory is a physiological disease. Mainly because there are few leaves, shading is not good, no shading measures are taken in production, so that the fruit is exposed to strong sunlight, and the water is evaporated a lot, causing the local temperature of the fruit surface to rise and burn.
The protection of pepper sunburn, first of all, 3-5 leaves should be left when the peppers are snoring, which can play the role of shading; secondly, the shading net is used to cover the shade during the fruiting period from July to August, every day at 10 am The sunshade net is placed at 4 pm; high density planting can also be used. If it is planted in a greenhouse, take appropriate amount of soil from the field, dilute it with water and form a slurry. It can also be used to cover the top of the greenhouse. Spraying a new high-fat film can prevent water from transpiration, anti-freeze, constant temperature, and prolong storage and shelf life.

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