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Talking about: Back pressure valve application matters

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1. If the inlet and outlet of the back pressure valve are reversed; the back pressure will increase exponentially; the damage will be caused to the system and the risk may occur.
2. Any protection of the back pressure valve; the working equipment should be suspended; the release pressure; the closed back pressure valve and the system-connected valve; together, there is no pressure in the pulsation damper. Pay attention to avoid damage to the human body by the transported liquid.
3, work in the back pressure valve found that the problem should be blocked in time.
4, outdoor use should be added protective shed or protective cover.
5. When used with the pulsation damper; the pulsation damper should be installed between the pump and the back pressure valve; to absorb the peak flow between the pump and the back pressure valve. Slow down the wear speed of the back pressure valve.

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