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Rolling bearing smooth intention and effectiveness

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-07-10

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The intention of rolling bearings is smooth? What is the effect? Let me explain to you the common sense of association below; I hope to assist you.
The smooth intention of the rolling bearing is primarily to reduce the conflict and wear inside the bearing; the primary effect of the smoothing is as follows:
Top of the list: extended life; bearing rolling life; in rotation; rolling touch surface is smooth and outstanding; then extended.
Second: reduce conflicts and wear; touch each other in the ferrule, roll and holder that make up the bearing; avoid metal touch; reduce conflict and wear.
Third: discharge conflict heat, cooling; circulation oil supply method can use oil to discharge heat caused by conflict; or heat from outside; cooling. Avoid bearing overheating; avoid aging oil itself.
Fourth: can effectively avoid foreign matter intrusion.

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