Simulated solid wood flooring development has been three major stages of notch transition

Simulated solid wood flooring development has been three major stages of notch transition Simulation solid wood flooring solid wood flooring high-grade, beautiful, environmental protection, the sense of the foot and the strengthening of the wear-resistant flooring, ease of care and other advantages in one, has become the preferred choice of modern middle class flooring products. In addition to selecting the basic parameters of environmental protection, wear resistance, and water-absorption thickness expansion ratio, first of all, the most important thing in the production process is to look at the “notch” (that is, the joint between the floor and the floor)! The development of simulated solid wood flooring has experienced three stages: V-groove, U-shaped groove, and high-light large arc (R-shaped groove).

V-slot V-slot is the earliest type of floor notch that entered the Chinese market. It is named after the V-shaped notch in the floor joint. This type of floor slot is not protected by Al2O3, and it is prone to breakage and chipping. At the same time, the V-shaped slot is extremely difficult to clean and is quickly replaced by a U-shaped slot. Now the V-shaped slot is now Gradually gradually eliminated in the floor market.

The emergence of U-slot U-slots can be said to be the end of V-slots. The U-groove floor adopts a molding technology, namely, the floor surface and the floor chamfer are molded once, so the chamfered area is covered with the aluminum oxide wear-resistant layer as the floor surface, and the wear-resistant layer protects the U. Groove chamfering is not as easy to damage as V-groove chamfering. Even if it is water, the U-shaped trough floor can still be used intact, so the service life is very long. U-slot floor still occupies an important place in the floor market.

High light and large arc era (ie, R-slot era)

High light and large arc, also known as R-type groove, goose-type groove, that is, there is no obvious drop in the floor chamfer, but a smooth transition to form a parabolic arc angle, so named. Now on the market, the iconic multi-layer solid wood flooring, nature and other high-end flooring, that is, Bayer's high-end series are using this large arc slot. This notch has almost all the advantages of the U-shaped groove, while being further improved in sensory effect and overall pavement effect. Due to the strong floor-to-floor fluency, the floor covering effect is more integrated, which solves the problem of difficulty in controlling the leveling of ordinary VU-type grooved floor coverings, and can add a fluid and uniform home atmosphere to your loved ones.

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